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imagine a group of people each with a box in everyone's box is a thing they call a beetle but no one is ever allowed to look in anyone elses box they can only look into their own however they
can talk meaningfully about beetles even though they don't know what others have in their boxes or indeed if there's anything in them at all the thing in each person's box is irrelevant to the shared public meaning of beetle its
meaning is determined by the use people make of the term not the private something hidden away from view whatever is or isn't in each person's box is irrelevant it cancels out many of us
think of our experiences as private hidden away inside us you can never enter my mind and find out whether your colour experiences are like mine for example or whether our pain experiences
are the same you can't see the beetle in my box nor I the one in yours ludwig wittgenstein use the beetle in the Box analogy to suggest that the meaning of sensation words such as pain isn't given
by referring to some private inner introspected something a sensation to which you alone have access in his view there can't be more to the public meaning of our language than we are capable of teaching each other and the
private something the beetle can't have a role in that teaching because we can't get at it you
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