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by late summer the corral tanks contained the only standing water the kilometers around [Music] the canyons more mobile insects are
drawn to this one last oasis for those able to travel this water is a lifesaver [Music]
[Music] bees and wasps can carry the water back
to their distant nests but this tiny pool of water lives just beyond the boundary of the corral colonies territory but no end in sight such desperate times
call for desperate measures as the search widens a small group of Corral workers head towards the trough this is unfamiliar ground for them they
are heading toward disaster near the trough they stumble across other honey ants and then a nest entrance it's only 40 meters from the corral
colony that that's been enough to keep these two nests in mutual ignorance for all these years these new honey ants are unlike any the Corral workers have encountered before
they are big and aggressive instead of backing down they meet the challenge head-on and the encounter begins to escalate for the first time in its
history the Corral colony may have met its match sensing the worst the Corral workers begin to fall back towards their own nest the trough workers go on the
offensive the retreat quickly turns into a rout stragglers picked off the fight is carried right to the entrance of the corral colony even here on their own doorstep they
can't hold their ground the attacking trough workers drive on into the nest as news of the attack reaches the corral Queen she withdraws to the deepest chambers her entourage of nurses in tow
carrying the valuable brood the battle spreads down into the tunnels slowly inexorably it spreads down through the shafts towards the deeper part of the nest
[Music] the repeats are slaughtered or dragged away to be eaten later some dead workers are carried off for processing the invaders take everything from eggs
to newborns [Music] many are eaten where they fall they empty chamber after chamber [Music]
finally the invaders overcome the last resistance and break through into the Royal bunker the Corral Queen and her broods are trapped and completely helpless
held by each leg the queen is on the rack first stretched then dismembered it is a gruesome and ignominious end for
this once great ruler [Music] in just a few hours that chorale colony has been annihilated the nest emptied too late for the corral colony the
drought finally breaks a great storm heralded the start of the corral Queens story and now eight years later another marks its brutal end but
somewhere out in the desert the Queen's royal daughters are fighting their own battles continuing her dynasty the Queen may be dead but her empire lives on
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