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so as you notice we're starting to pull back to the big picture and to take us the next exponential step outwards is
Adam Shire come on up in Tim O'Reilly and Ted Nelson I mean so I just want to
speak a few words that's kind of on this first of all huge honor to be here on this 50th anniversary of the demo and what I've been thinking about is I listen to all these great Talk's today
is what will the next 50 years bring and and how do we get there and I think the key thing that showed up for me is inspiration
so before I speak how many people here have done attended three or less dug related events they were kind of new
it's actually far more than I've done I know and many of the people here have been touched and inspired for decades in some cases by dug and this inspiration I
think is really what we need to bring and I'm going to talk a little bit about how he touched me how this touched my life my career but if you think about it you know we saw some of the greatest
minds of our generation who admitted today that you know we have you know Tim berners-lee Allen cave and serve all of these people have done incredible things that have come from this inspiration people have talked about Doug is almost
Moses kind of figure and really what he did was he gave us some religion and I think as we go forward in the next 50 years not only do we have to use that and and and take it and and do our
vision are our word but we need to spread that inspiration here because Doug note is no longer around so everyone in this room either be inspired or go inspire because that's
what's going to get us the next 50 years when I when I first met so how did he do this for me the first thing that happened was he focused in on me he said chyre that's an interesting
name how do you spell that let me understand that let me and his focus I'm like man I don't do that I take names in and and out it goes the other side so no really and that
attention like that's not who I am I need a little bit of that and a little bit of Doug in me so the first thing that touched me was that he made me feel important and he had a vision he wanted to get out
there and proselytize it but he listened he said what do you do tell me what you're working on that's interesting and and that made me feel good and for me that's the first step as you go out to
inspire others with Doug's vision look at them think about them listen and recognize and reflect back their greatness because really they're the ones who are going to take us into the
next the next decades so then the next thing that he did that really inspired must me was he had these parties great great parties and there were the most fascinating people in the world who
showed up I mean you had open source pioneers like Richard Stallman and Eric Raymond were there you would Eric Drexler talking about nanotechnology and there was artificial intelligence people
fantastic have more parties it's a great way to connect people and inspire people I'm gonna try to do that same and try to share that so now I'm bought in I feel good I feel important there are all
these interesting people and so I started to learn about Doug and I would go to his talks like this is the guy you could helped create the mouse and multiple windows and all this great
technology that's so important but I went to his talk and I'm like what the heck is this and he's talking about social kinds of issues which is augmenting intellect and human tool Co
evolution and Kodiak and all of the things we learned from Cristina you can learn those details those slides from the Engelbart Academy but because I had that that that good feeling I kind of went with it I said
alright I'm gonna I'm gonna learn more and maybe not the first time maybe not the second time but over enough repeated use it started to sink in how important the social side of his ideas were but as
you would go inspire out there you know the technology is seductive people will listen and want the cool next technology tip that's the hook but we need to get the full understanding of what Doug was
trying to do the vision the social aspects and the change so I jump in I said I'm gonna learn about this and I started to work with him on projects that he cared about we worked on something called hyper scope and this
open hyper document system I built a tool for the state of the future index for the millennium project working with him and some of the team and that was great and it started to get
me into his ideas his lessons and then I graduated from my nice safe you know SR I international research environment I had to go out into the real world and do
things but the lessons I had learned greatly impacted and profoundly changed how I saw the world what I was able to do so I started working on these geni
like technologies that Tim was talking about you know the ones that don't always work exactly as you like with Siri when we started the company Siri we handed a picture frame to every new
employee as a way to say pan we said pick a hero and a quote that kind of humanized everyone and get us to know about each other doug has been sitting over my desk for 15 years and what it's meant to me is to
remember that it's not about the technology it's about the people and that's been and and how do you use AI you know not to replace people but to really to help them it's been hugely
important to me and then I tried to get a bit involved in the social side how do you harness the collective intelligence of the world to solve the world's complex urgent
problems can it be done there's not that many examples it can be done and that's a message for you so I help start as a founding member and advisor to change.org it's not everything we set
out to be but there are 250 million members who every day for things like poverty and crime and food and climate change can can say I want this thing to
happen I want this organization to make this change and here's why it's a small tool but we found a business model we've been able to sustain for 12 years to
grow and there's good work there are victories happening every single day so there are examples where you can you know I used to say I'm just one person what can I do to impact the world so for
those who are who have that thought absolutely you can go out and impact the world I mean literally when I try to start a project or a company I'm like if I can't impact a billion people it's not worth doing and I'm less scale less
intelligent than I was 10 years ago when I started these projects the only difference is now I believe I can and and you need to take that belief you need to go forward and say I can do this
I can have impact and if I perceive these things so my lesson so I was lucky enough to take Doug out for his birthday just the year that he died it's clear
and we've talked about it here he did not think we were done right maybe on the tool side we've made a lot of progress but on the social side not so
much it's the unfinished revolution etc so for the tools tech guys I'll give you the hook what's missing number one speed we saw today that the demonstration
actually crashed but in less than a twenty-fourth of a second that restored itself we do not have systems that can do that today the integrated whole so today when you
develop a software project things are fragmented ever everywhere we have added a PowerPoint and issue trackers and code editors and this and that back then they had one environment and everyone on the team could share documents versions
linking and you could surf a project this is a huge tool opportunity and there's more I'm running out of time but what's more to solve on the social side well just about everything right huge
huge opportunity for the investors etc so how do you do it how do you really have an impact how do you take some of Doug's ideas through your own interpretation that you'll have and really take it to impact we've talked a
lot about funding you know and how lucky and and good Doug had for this kind of longer-term huge resource project today we have venture capital and all of that
I'm actually a huge fan after working in research labs and commercial companies of entrepreneurship I do believe that the startup is is in today's world where change can happen so my advice to to all
of those inspired by Doug's ideas and said I'm going to do something about it so I would say start a company how do you do this well you take an idea you can't solve the whole problem so you
pick an angle create a great demo that brings it to life Doug gave a fine example Doug and company 50 years ago go raise money and so you do need to pitch
it but every organization needs the self-sustained and find the right team so what do you need in a team a founding team you need the visionary who knows where we're going you need a product
person who knows well we're gonna do this first the second is third you need a marketeer who can share a vision and communicate it and sell it and you need the builders and when I look at Doug
it's like why did he not you know create the next Facebook what would Facebook of been if Doug were the pioneer I I think the reason is he was the visionary and he had some of incredible builders I'm in awe of what
some of the teams here I think they were missing a little bit the product and the market earring side to really take it forward in the commercial world but if you're out there and you get that right team you can do
it for us and the last things I'll say in my final minute so as Brian Cooper said my my goal for all of you have been inspired for the
first time here today unleash your entrepreneurship and go out and take some of the ideas with your own interpretation and bring them to impact in the world if your and those who know
the Doug story please go out and inspire touch because it's not going to be just us who solves it we need to get that next generation going and the last point if you're not sure how to learn more or
what can I do more please go to the Doug Engelbart Institute Christina presented all these new opportunities and projects and efforts going on that's the nexus point where you can really learn more get involved and and
take what you know and pass it on to others so I'm really excited to be here it's so good to see so many friends on this special day and I look forward to seeing what we do in the next 50 years
together thank you [Applause]
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