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hello again dan also with history for today and i'm in a hotel room in saint paul this morning this afternoon i will be going to the archival library at the minnesota
historical society and doing four hours of research 10 boxes queued up for me to look at so i'm very excited about that this morning from the hotel room i'll be running a class discussion via zoom at
nine o'clock and then my ta kate is going to run one for me in person at 11 o'clock in a classroom back in bemidji for the class that isn't high flex
this is another good reason to have dual listed or high flex courses i guess in case you don't have a ta who you can trust to just step in and run a class for you occasionally
i made a quick video yesterday before school about the hypothesis to read wise to obsidian integration and then when i got to class at 9 30 i was very excited about it still and i told my students in
that historiography class about this and their reaction surprised me a little bit several of them said we miss hypothesis i wasn't using it with them this semester because i wanted to focus on
the obsidian graph and i was a little bit worried that there might be a limit to the number of new apps that i could throw at my students at any given time but by popular demand
i'm going to start using a hypothesis class group with these students beginning next week on the very next set of readings now because i had just described to them how excited i was about this hypothesis
to obsidian annotation import my student kate who is in this class in addition to being my ta and who has already been using obsidian in her research and we've
made a video together about it kate asked the obvious question could the students use this feature to automate their own note-taking and would read wise even be able to find and
extract and transfer pdf annotations from a group folder those were good questions that i hadn't really thought about my immediate response was well read wise isn't a free app and i actually have a policy against requiring
students to use tools that add to their expenses i don't even use commercial textbooks and i write oers so this isn't just about app cost however if you're listening read-wise
maybe consider a free plan for students or a very cheap plan you'd build an additional incremental user base that would be very easy to convert once they graduated on the second question i wasn't at all
sure either but i did some poking around and as it turns out readwise has already imported pdfs that i've used in prior classes that had only existed in these
private folders that i've made and when it did that it didn't pull in everybody's annotations only mine that's a little bit inconvenient if what i'm wanting to do is pull all the
comments that people make into a shared vault and then continue the quote unquote discussion in there but on the other hand if i'm copying my own thoughts into my own vault i really don't want everybody else's comments
coming along so if i had to choose rather than having a switch that i could turn on and off i guess that i would choose what the developers had delivered and on that note i've just got to say once again
that the way these tools work together suggests that someone on the design team at read wise was really thinking so i continue to be very impressed and i
think that this integration is even more useful than i had said it was yesterday and i'm looking forward to using hypothesis again with my students by popular demand
and having a record of at least my part of the discussion that we have about these course readings in this course because i think that will be useful to me on an ongoing basis so i just wanted to make a quick note of that in case
anybody else was wondering about those same questions and as i'm playing around with this and i run into additional elements i'll be sure to report on them but that's all i have for right now so thanks very much
for listening i'll probably make a video of my research trip today that i'll post this weekend so i will see you again very soon
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