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hello hello hello everyone out there and welcome thank you so much for being here my name is jordan richardson i am the creative director here at eon reality and i want to thank
each and every one of you for being here with us today taking time out of your busy day to join us for this big virtual event we're very excited to have you all here um a few administrative announcements
before we get started if you have questions that come up during the session we will be taking a short question answer um session during at the end of the event
uh so you should be able to ask a question in the chat window which should be over here somewhere um we'll do our best to get to as many questions as we can but we probably
won't be able to get to all of them um a quick introduction about eon reality we are a technology platform uh a platform technology company um focused
on immersive education and training so applying xr augmented reality and virtual reality in education and enterprise
training we have a cloud-based platform called eonxr and you can try it out for free today at eonxr.com so let's go ahead and kick it off we
have a lot to cover today we have a lot of partners and customers coming in from around the world giving testimonials as well as presentations about our latest releases our latest features
uh and all the news around our technology platform so without further ado i'm gonna kick it off with a short video introducing some of the latest features
uh and improvements that we have launched with our latest release eon xr 8.2 so enjoy and i'll see you in a second welcome again to the eon xr platform today
we are thrilled to announce our latest release 8.2 eon xr 8.2 adds a number of new abilities and improvements let's take a quick look at some of the
major enhancements first up one of the most requested features from our community is finally here mac os support today we continue our cross-platform coverage
expansion to support mac laptops and desktops to download eon xr for mac go to eon-xr.com and go to downloads under the user menu
interactions and transitions are snappy and the 3d textures look great on the mac 8.2 also expands our new 3d recording and assessment technology to mobile ar
educators can create step-by-step 3d recordings of their procedures and now students can follow along and then repeat the process in augmented reality with a mobile device
this brings a new level of presence to the experience of interacting with virtual content as if it's right there in front of you the user's performance of the procedure is tracked and a report is automatically
generated next up we're excited to introduce major improvements to eon xr for oculus quest 2 and other vr headsets we're proud to announce that we've partnered with unity
and begun migrating our library to the gltf format for optimal performance you can now browse our entire library of lessons in virtual reality and jump in and out seamlessly
members can sign in to access their organization's material interacting with digital content with both hands in vr opens new doors in remote training and education
3d recordings in vr put the user in the same room as the lesson creator heading over to the asset marketplace eon
xr 8.2 introduces an improved browsing experience with asset previews images and detailed properties for members who wish to import their own
3d content we've expanded our support coverage to include non-cad formats such as obj fbx and max files just drag and drop your model into eon
xr and you'll be guided through the process of prepping it for a lesson eon xr meetings allow groups to share in virtual events where they can collaborate on the same 3d subject
matter in real time with 8.2 meetings are now accessible to a wider audience with multi-lingual support finally we've made significant
refinements to eon xr for magic leap multi-user meetings work seamlessly whether joining in person or remotely using persistent coordinate frames for greater fidelity
these and many other features are available right now with eon xr 8.2 thanks for joining and stay tuned for our next major release
excellent all right so moving right along we have invited our uh partners and customers from around the globe to share their thoughts today uh and to give a
little background about their experience with eon xr uh so we're gonna start with our first group there um and for our first group we have
sorry one second here we go great for our first group of uh testimonials today first up we have ubt college from kosovo secondly we have the future ready
academy from singapore and third in this group is going to be mohawk college from canada so let's go ahead and take a look at those and we'll
be right back thank you very much for for your time and uh let uh introduce myself so my name is edmund ivisi i am the founder and the president of ubt ubts university for business and
technology ubd has now a size of 15 000 students and about 1 000 staff so he is one of the largest university here in the region and what is important is the largest
university for computer science and information system in the region of western balkan our strategy is to to integrate this this new technology and of course you cannot ignore the technologies like
like uh intelligent networks where you where you integrate 5g and artificial intelligence and internet of things but in the same time as a virtualization augmented reality
virtual reality reality uh are uh elements that you can really reach another level of of education another level of experience where you can really generate some competence that they are needed for the
the next next year so uh it is really a great opportunity that we create a joint action with eon reality here to establish a cluster of eon reality together with ubt
and create an opportunity to promote the whole innovative ecosystem university as an example or as a case study for uh for the region in general so we bring another environment which means
students are happy students are interested more concentrated they generate contribution through their experimental way to a next level they reach those competencies they
like to reach and they want and they need to to have and i think this is the most uh best example how you can generate such a such a success it's a great really honor to
cooperate with uh such a leader like ian bradley a global leadership on virtual and uncommanded reality this case for ubt and for kosovo and for the whole region of western balkan
so thank you very much i'm really great and i'm very happy to cooperate with young reality and i think we will be one of the best success stories for the whole global network of eon reality
and and and partners in generals and of course i'm looking forward to cooperate to experiment and to generate some additional core values together with you thank you ladies and gentlemen my name is jeff
i'm the founder and ceo of future ready academy the world economic forum future of jobs report 2020 states that 50 of our skills will be irrelevant in five years that's why at future ready
academy we empower the next generation with lifelong learning skills to be relevant in the future of work by providing problem-based experiential learning with eonexar
vr ar education we can greatly enhance learning through immersive and interactive experiences hence developing higher cognitive skills eon xr will enable us to make skills
transfer happen in ar vr anytime on any device this empowers learners to acquire relevant skills faster with gamified assessments
as well as engaging digital learning experiences it is indeed our pleasure a pride and honor to be the partner of eonexar to bring digital learning to the next level
thank you my name is marilyn powers and i am the director of academic technology integration and innovation here at mohawk college i have been working hard with the faculty
to encourage them to start incorporating ar and vr into their curriculum we've been mainly using the eon xr platform in order to do that and so i've held workshops i've found
that many instructors when they start and embark on this what they really need is a breadth of what is possible what is ar what is vr what is all this terminology and what can they actually do my name is
mini thomas and i'm the professor in computer and electrical engineering and also for the digital health degree program at mohawk college so i try to implement the lesson plans
for the introductory semester to engineering skills and systems for introducing them to some basic block diagram and systems students
use them in this term and they have been really excited especially when they can see the x-rays of the uh systems they are building and when they can explode and see the parts coming
apart and then bringing them back together they appreciate it in the sense because these are the things which they may never be able to see uh internally what's happening what's the black box what is inside that
black box they may never be able to see that hello my name is sean morrison i'm a professor of avionics that's aircraft electronics at mohawk college i've been using neon xr in my classroom
with my students to explore uh computer components mostly which we can show them an expanded diagram of everything that's on a motherboard all the the main components uh turn it around
this is a great educational tool this the students always come back and tell me that they've been telling their parents they've been telling their their significant others all about the awesome fun games that they've been
playing in class you create memories like that and you're tricking them into learning something completely new
all right excellent moving right along we have our first presenter let me introduce stan leeskar our chairman and founder dan go ahead and take it away hello everybody i'm extremely happy to
be part of this event and my name as you know is dan ayaskar and i'm the chairman and ceo now for the last 22 years of eon's existence we have focused on
making virtual and augmented reality easy easy to create is it to share for the purpose of learning training and performing we see quite a
few problems i'm an engineer so i like to solve problems in education there's a problems around the fact that learners have changed they are today social they are multitaskers and they have a very short attention span
learners are also have other problems they try many people try to introduce vr and they are but the content is lacking historically and it's difficult to create the hardware it's expensive and
oftentimes has been very bulky on top of this if it wasn't enough we now got the pandemic problem and learning has moved online students fade out after six minutes they they lose their attention they are not engaged
zoom cannot offer experiential learning cannot offer hands-on activities and these problems is what eons set out to solve and the way we solve these problems is quite focusing on three aspects
the learning the training and the performing let's start with learning first we will have a system that you'll see today that works agnostically on any device so four billion devices could
be supported your phone in your pocket is actually an eonxr device there's no code required it's very easy it's easier than powerpoint so and most important we have a big
asset library today one million 3d assets are accessible and available the second part of this is training if you look at training it's about experiential laboratories
it's about remote multi-user experiences it's about practice assessment and certification virtually last but not least performance performance enhancement knowledge injection if a ul
when you need it as you need it self-directed learning or even ar expert assistance if we move to use cases you're going to see a lot of use cases today so we'll try to talk less and let those
use cases blue some examples since 2019 when we released this platform we have rolled out this in 114 locations today we're going to highlight 28
centers 22 countries and in next event we'll then roll out and expand we are committed to one thing is to democratize the use for edtech of xr embedding the no-code
creation embedding the cross-platform access now let's talk about something exciting one thing that we'll disclose today big secret is that we're gonna disclose the roadmap for this year
so we're going to focus on three big areas how to import data more easily and create the data how to create the interaction process simply and how to publish this widely okay
so let's start with the import of data three examples one of them is intelligent optimization of 3d assets both as 3d objects and 360. we will expand from 1 million to 2
million 3d assets and will make them accessible to the marketplace and the most exciting part will have real world 3d objects scanning so you can use your standard phone take a video and boom there you have the
3d model almost like magic the next thing is interaction creation we decided last year and implemented already on headsets unity support so we expand our engine support
to unity this year we're going to go across all platform already in quarter two we also historically done a lot of objects that are very centric uh but we haven't seen so many environments so this year
we're releasing environments and also photorealistic environments so it's going to be a totally different experience we also work a lot with artificial intelligence we use artificial intelligence for example in the performance enhancement
component but also to easier create the content and last but not least with respect to publishing we're going to move to xr remote multi-user across all platforms so today i can be on a pc and you're on
a telephone and we can actually communicate in ar but very soon we can do it for any devices so with that i want to thank you i want to thank you all i want to start with our hard-working
employees that without them we couldn't have any of this today i want to thank the development team i want to thank the customer success department i want to thank the implementation department
to support all the support units from finance to sales to marketing and also to support now i also want to take the opportunity to thank our partners our partners that are here today in
various centers around the world there are technology partners that make this possible and last but not least i want to thank our customers without you we couldn't have this success
thanks for your contributions thanks for your valuable feedback towards our platform and also we have some new event attendance and this uh that grows our family we want to welcome
you to our family welcome you to join us in a quest we believe knowledge is a human right and we want to make this knowledge available accessible and affordable for everybody
on the planet we want to make sure that students learn faster retain information longer and make better decision i would like to end with a quote a quote from confucius you probably know
this quote is one of my favorites i hear i forget i see i remember i do i understand and that's the power
of eon xr experience learning thank you once again and enjoy the next 50 minutes all right thank you so much dan moving right along
we're going to introduce our next group of uh of partners who have been gracious enough to provide us with some of their words first up we have
nest in kuwait babish boilet in university in romania and ibt college in canada so enjoy this group of testimonials and
we'll be right back with our next presenter hello everybody i'm hoping you're enjoying the event as much as i am let me introduce our organization we're entec the national technology enterprise company
we're based in kuwait and we're part of the sovereign fund of kuwait so a fully owned government entity our core mandate is to transfer knowledge and technology into the region historically we've done a lot of investments within technology
and tried to bring those technologies into kuwait but we found one of the biggest problems education if we don't have the education technology falls aside for this reason we have actually
invested in executive education over the last seven years and partnered with some of the top schools like london business school and professors from harvard ncaa imd thunderbird and hse but we believe education can't
finish and end with executive it has to start from the beginning exactly for this reason we have started a new subsidiary called nest a national company for educational services
and training our core mandate is to introduce new technologies like what is developed by eon we believe this partnership will run across the full value chain of education across our
schools our universities our vocational training areas and specialize within industries as well we believe our impact within oil and gas within healthcare within aviation
especially within education itself can make a value and make a difference partnerships like eon are paramount to our success without their knowledge without the technology without their experience
we will be not able to enhance that educational footprint that we desire i would like to thank eon for this opportunity and for this event without their passion and their drive
we would never have got this far and i look forward to working with them and many other partners to really make a difference in kuwait our value is not about today
it's about the long-term betterment of [Music] kuwait hello my name is daniel david i'm a professor of clinical cognitive sciences i'm also director of the babbage boy
university inclusionary poker romania rubbish boy university is the largest romanian university we have a community of about fifty five thousand people babashbo university has also the
oldest academic tradition in romania which started in 1581 as a jesuit academy i would say that ubb or rubbish boy university is one of the best romanian universities
practically it was accepted in the guild the european organization of the research intensive universities as one of the most representative university in the southeast europe
i must say that i'm very happy to host the ubb eon xr center inclusion apoca i really hope that this center will
change the way we organize the teaching in the university and also it will help us to create new innovations which can impact our community and society so
to make a long story short i'm looking forward having a win-win collaboration with you on reality hi my name is james rice from ibt college in toronto canada we couldn't be happier
to be a part of the eon family we are super excited to be setting up an xr center here in canada we can't wait to show the students
all the incredible benefits of augmented reality and virtual reality we are thrilled to be a part of eon's global academic community
all right excellent moving right along thank you so much to those partners for those great words um now we have our second presenter of the event uh fareed our director of product
development in singapore is going to walk us through some of the new features that have recently been released and a little sneak peek of the road map for the future so enjoy and we'll see
you shortly hi my name is farid i'm the director of product development i'm going to run through with you the new features and roadmap for 2021
here we go i'll first start with the features okay first up is 360 express this allows you to quickly create 360 experiences
on your mobile phone this will be useful when you need to share details of a facility or capture a location to aid in learning you can create 360 images using a 360 camera
or use apps like google street view to create it using the camera on your mobile phone yep so to create a 360 lesson simply just start x even extra app create select 360
select the images right so you you select the images upload the images and that's it you're done you've got the 360 lesson next you can assign it to the trainees or you could
you could easily share it onto a social media next is the importing of 3d asset this process is now a whole lot more simpler so again from the app icons select import
3d assets and you can begin uploading your assets we've improved support for the common 3d formats like fbx obj and we now support autodesk 3d max the max file format
after uploading your file you will see a screen like this that shows the progress of the different files that you have loaded right things that are completed you can easily view the asset and you could create a lesson from it
so things are in progress you can easily see the progress in real time we also would be able to tell you if and if an image texture that is used by the model is missing right so first of course whatever you
upload we would search through all the different folders and the files they've uploaded uh we would search and if we are not able to find that missing texture we would then inform you of what is missing
next up is marketplace is now easier to access click on the app icon over here and click on marketplace using it you can search for 3d assets
review the details of the 3d assets itself and you can also view the thumbnails for to help you to kind of decide on the assets to purchase we now list all your orders and
transactions in a single page with clear indication of follow-up actions so you can view delivery progress of the access that you purchase quick links to
create lessons or preview the assets when your asset has been delivered okay we've also implemented push notification right so whenever an action is needed on your site or when an asset has been delivered you'll get a push
on your mobile device to tell you that this asset is available right so on top of email you get a push notification so it makes the whole process simpler and easier we also now clearly show you premium
assets that are already processed and can be used immediately these are what we call our free premium assets this list is growing on a daily basis
right so you could again going in here click checking on free you will see all these assets and you can use them straight away to create your lessons you can preview them or create a lessons we have improved our playlist
functionality so now you can add lessons from workspace and library to your playlist as you can see over here this is for from library you can click on these
three dots to save to your playlist and now you can do it from workspace so you can see over here i've selected a bunch of lesson by checking on on this and clicking on this button add to playlist i just need to select
my playlist and i could add that to my playlist playlist is also now available for mobile devices so to view your playlist click on my playlist over here where you would see the list
of playlists that you have created clicking on it you would see your playlist you could click on on the item in the playlist and start lesson immediately 3d assessment is a new feature we have
that works in vr desktop and mobile device as a trainer you could record a treaty recording training would review the treaty recording and they would follow the steps that you took
to disassemble or assemble a particular item and at the end of it they would see this report that tells about their steps they've taken completion extra steps the time they
took and the summary using the radar chart the same flow is also can you can also do the same flow in a desktop so this is exact same flow done on windows desktop
and you could do the same 3d assessment on a mobile device in er mode as shown over here and now i'll share with you on the product map okay we'll get an overview
right we're looking into improving the uh importing of 3d assets real object scanning interaction more photorealistic environment er location based knowledge transfer
ability to publish across all platforms location-based air knowledge right so ability to superimpose er on real objects virtual campuses right so having more users in a
multi-user environment and using ai to drive a creation of content so first we'll talk about the importing of 2d assets so through the use of sap and 3d max from autodesk using such tool
to kind of to allow you to easily import all the 2d assets right also optimizing the 3d assets so that we have better polygon reduction and better delivery towards the multiple devices better support for 3d assets from sites
like sketchfab and ability to import and use gltf object straight into the platform to recapture through the use of photo gametry right so to do 3d
reconstruction so where you can upload a bunch of images and through the use of 3d risk really 3d reconstruction to be able to convert that into a 2d object we can use in the platform to also use
phones that are equipped with lidar sensor to do 3d scanning also again to bring it into our platform um having a deeper analytics right to track students and and trainers and trainees usage on the
platform the device they use the time they use and how the impact of that has on their learning um to the use of cloud anchor right to be able to to be able to add persistent anchor
and to be able to link 3d objects images and videos right a vr environment so to the use of 3d assets that is important as an environment for learning exploring
facilities and and so so a way for for to conduct facility tours safety tours or educational tours um through the use of augmented reality depth as you can see over here so you can
actually have the depth to have that realism in ar to use the lidar to detect the planes right and to also add physics so you could have objects dropping from a table to the chair right
and through the use of air to do what because superimposing of er onto the real world interactive editor so a wave a way that you can easily animate
a 3d asset a certain part of the set to move it rotate it set this trigger set its path set this loop set is lighting background physical effects and interactivity and and
in a way that is very easy for anyone to kind of alter such a interactivity uh interaction photo realistic so we are embarrassing emphasizing about vr with photo realistic environment
interactive 360 environment ability for you to teleport from different 360 images and videos better vr environment ability to do what we call digital twin
to simply impose er onto real-world objects so again superimposing ar on two real-world objects and ability to kind of use ei to pull information
onto your screen um ability to to to we're looking to make sure that what eon xr is going to be available on any devices any ar and vr devices um
looking to having multi-user to work with more users we are talking about like campus level so there will be more levels of collaboration with many different people together
yep and that's that's the end of the roman thank you all right excellent thank you to fareed for that exciting look at the upcoming features
moving right along we have another group of testimonials from partners around the world first up we have lacc los angeles city college in the united states
we have cross reality from japan and manchester community college from the uk so we're gonna start this and we'll be right back at the end
hello my name is mary gallagher president of los angeles city college a community college in the heart of los angeles we have been collaborating with eon reality for a little over a year now
let me tell you a little about the process the logistics and the benefits of this partnership i think you are here today because to some extent you understand the potential
of this augmented virtual reality to education however i want to start by emphasizing that this process can be daunting to people not familiar with the technology
as a campus leader it requires effort in convincing and educating people on the potential that this new technology may have on all of our students success furthermore
it will take training for all parties involved for faculty for staff and for students but once you have jumped that hurdle the educational benefits will become obvious for example the
increase in the delivery format modes the tremendous engagement that you will see and it brings students the closest possible to real life and hands-on practice but the benefits
beyond this these obvious ones are the connection that we can build with our community now we are able to provide virtual visits to campus offer art and science exhibits and even
showcase different types of performances this technology is incredible and it is life-changing hello i'm philip coming to you from toei studios kyodo
in japan we started a vria here in kyoto last year and we took our first intake of students in october we currently have over 20 students studying
vr and ar and here we have the showroom unfortunately because of chronovirus the students are having to study remotely so they can't see all the amazing technology we have like the icube and the various hmds
but we're sure that from the next time we have an intake that we hope that they'll be able to come and experience all of this amazing technology but of course the most amazing thing about the
vria program is of course the teachers and we've been so blessed to have teachers from all over the world joining us remotely from poland from singapore from
india it's been such a huge opportunity for young people in japan to learn about these leading new technologies and we are so happy
about our new partnership with eon reality my name is peter lamonica i'm the department chair for computer science here at manchester community college in computer science at mcc we strive to be on the cutting edge of
technology for example a few years ago we installed these 360 degree cameras so that students can later review lectures watching a video of the entire classroom also at mcc we have introduced virtual
desktops these allow our students to access our computer labs from home now with an eye towards the future mcc has now introduced virtual and augmented reality labs and lessons for computer
science and cyber security classes using these virtual reality headsets students can completely immerse themselves in a lesson manipulating objects just as they would in the lab
and allowing them to access additional information from the internet using vr also allows us to demonstrate equipment to cumbersome have in the lab students can also use
augmented reality using their cell phones or tablets or even ar headsets to closely examine objects take quizzes and demonstrate their abilities in these lessons and labs
using ar students can examine objects in their own environment and even to work in groups each student in a different location all interacting virtually
you can try one of our labs using this qr code it links to one of our lessons see for yourself how learning with augmented reality
can be interesting and fun all right excellent moving right along we have our next presenter let me introduce jonathan lee our
solution director from our singapore office jonathan go ahead and take it away when you're ready hey thanks jordan hi everybody this is
john here i'm from singapore it's good to meet everybody here and you know one of the things i enjoy about uh part of my work is i get to meet everybody all around the world so i'm so glad they're here with us today all right so
um you heard a little bit about our latest release in 8.2 uh some of you might be your first time here um uh or first time hearing about your next line you're here to find out a bit more about it some of you may be very familiar with
our product nonetheless no worries in five minutes what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna take you on a very quick tour of eonexa and the first thing to note as what you heard earlier in the introductory video
and through my colleague farid is that eonexa is platform agnostic just like what uh then uh had mentioned earlier we want to bring eonexa uh to be platforming nonstick to everywhere to proliferate knowledge and
and the use of ai and vr so if this is your first time here the call to action is very simple scan the qr code take out your mobile phone scan the qr code and download eon xr today try it out with our free account uh if
you want to if you want to give it a go if you already have one great at the same time we also do have a browser login as well uh well eonex is available not only on your mobile device but it's also available through your web
browser now one of the things about eon is this we strive really hard to make sure that the use of our platform is simple and um is available it doesn't matter whether you are
tech savvy or not eon xs familiar is an app on your phone you just have to tap and and launch it and that's it this is it it's so simple to use you come in you have a brilliant simple
library where you can scroll through your institute's content you have a workspace a place where you find the content that you create or the content that you've been assigned to you and even the creation button no one is excused from
from not being able to create their content just tapping on the create button you can create a 3d learning experience or as uh what my colleague firi was sharing earlier even creating 360 on your mobile device
it's really as simple as using just your fingers to tap and interact and just and just with that just like in our desktop um same thing sign in and you can see it's so simple and clean for you
to use you have a library you have a workspace and a creation space as well same thing to be have a feature priority between the desktop and the mobile is exactly our aim now i just want to show you some of the
key things that uh i'll highlight the points that my colleague firit had brought up in um in some of the new features that we released and some of it you saw in the video as well
when you click on this icon here you will see that you have direct access to the marketplace previously the marketplace was accessible through the creation of a lesson now we brought it out up in front so that anytime if you want to look for
a new asset you can do so you can also see the importing of 3d assets it's really straightforward being able to now upload your content directly straight away we brought it again to the forefront so
it's make it easy for anybody to make use of it now one of the key things is now you can even have a collaborative meeting through your desktop with a mobile device or another person using a desktop as well
so i will show you i'll show you how that looks like just in a short while now i i was following the chat and i saw there was a lot of people asking about the mac os uh installation well all you
need to do is just click on the profile button and go to downloads okay and then here you'll find eonexa for mac os download it drag it to your applications folder and you're good to go
right now our mac os version allows you to play our 3d lessons and we're going to continue adding on additional features until we get feature parity across all devices as well now one of the things that people often ask is like okay you know
great your uh your user interface is new and and you know it's looking good but what else can i do with it so let me let me just bring this up just give me a second please
all right so here we go so um in eon exile pick up a lesson and hit start lesson and i want to highlight to you uh some of the features that some of you may be very familiar with because we have kept it as simple as possible and
some of you might not be so what i want to do now is i'm loading a lesson now this is a typical lesson you can find it now you can find it in our public library when you sign up for the accounts you'll be able to access this and here you can see we have kept the ui
as simple and clean as possible just as before you have your interaction tools you have your learning activities here and you can even play back the um whether it's the audio or video but
importantly let's go back to the ar and vr features that's what makes really eon xr stands out so by tapping on the word ar we initiate our augmented reality uh feature
of course in uh since last year we implemented markless ar so as you can see all i need to do is just find a flat surface plop and now i have my uh helicopter here with me now of course this looks a bit tiny
isn't it so that's what we're going to do is we're going to plop it here now now because with markers here we can actually scale our models up just by doing a pinch um gesture
and now you can even explore in deeper fidelity now some of the things that we have launched in 8.2 the ability to do your 3d not only playback your 3d recordings but even have a 3d assessment the 3d assessment feature just
automatically works you can do it both with ar and touch now one of the one of the fun features i really enjoy and this is my home so please forgive the mess if you see any with our ar mode all you need to again
find flat surface drop your model oops and now i actually can scale it up to almost one to one scale just by pressing the one to one scale so basically this is almost the same size of the of an actual helicopter of this
model i could actually walk into it and be experienced in it i can pretend as though i'm actually sitting in an actual helicopter so we have kept everything as simple as
possible and of course we still maintain support for uh marker-based ar for institutes that are required maybe for safety reasons or so forth so we still keep both options not only marketless but marker as well
and of course our one of our popular modes as well is our virtual reality mode so as you can see we use this pair of vr glasses for those who have never seen it before they're small they're like the hardy they work on tablets and phones and of course all you need to do is just
tap on the word vr and then now you have your vr experience that gives you stereoscopic depth and a deeper immersion into the subject matter as well
so again we kept everything as simple as possible we kept the ui as clean as possible so again in terms of the entry level it makes it really easy for any user to make use of eon xr
now i just want to highlight again some of the other features that we have recently announced so coming back again this is our new uh improve import 3d import again choose your file drag it in with support
40 over industry standard files the key thing here is conversion happens online this is a great boon for a lot of our clients who especially come with places where they may not have the resources for big powerful computers to do
huge file conversions it really works as simple as that bring it online converts in the cloud gives you a preview create your thumbnail and you're good to go um remote collaboration so we talked about
this a little bit earlier now not only can you collaborate between device or device that means phone to phone you can actually now collaborate between phone and desktop as well so what you can see here i have the phone here i have my
desktop at the back and i'm just going to skip a bit here and now you can see everybody being able to communicate with with each other again you don't have to stick with two people five people 10 people 20 people that's
fine and of course one of the key features because of um we use tech technologies like marcus ar you can now have markle's ar in your collaborative session as well so as you can see here the device is
having marvelous er experience and even a desktop user who doesn't have a camera is still able to enjoy and follow along the session with everybody else as well i highly encourage you please try this out again 3d assessment
we mentioned this earlier as well take a 3d recording by hitting a click of a button it instantly converts into 3d assessment and we brought it to the desktop and mobile this is this is what you will actually uh you will be expected to
to see when you have that and again you get your scorecard as well one-to-one skill um earlier i just showed you a live example of a helicopter but imagine that this is a building this is a five-story building
um i brought it to the playground when my daughter was playing in the playground i plopped the model there using a markless air technology and i had to walk back uh quite far actually to see how a literary five-star building would look in front of me this is great
for um visualizations and if you're doing a subject matter require skill if you're introducing or showcasing an object to a client this is a great way as you can see from here to that tree just now
it is about 20 meters that's that's uh that's amazing you can do all this on your mobile device again mac os support i can see the chat people are really really people are
really really excited about this so you can see this is a live example of mac os support for our 3d lessons again head over to downloads and download the application and then lastly one of the
other areas that i think is quite interesting is also our support for oculus quest if you have an oculus quest device head over to the sidequest store and then you can download uh eonexa install your device today
you can also link it to your account uh we are continuously improving uh the experience on the oculus quest as you can see here so it's fully featured and you'll be able to explore it
so again what are you waiting for go down take out your mobile device now take a screenshot um you know whatever it is download the app today sign up for the free account give it a try if not head over to our website uh
head over to the login page and also sign up for the account there whichever platform you prefer oculus quest magic leap ios android tablet phone desktop windows mac doesn't matter eon xr will be there so i
hope this gives you a good idea um of how eon xr looks like and works if this is your first time looking at it if you're already a user great feel free to contact us we'll be more than happy to take you on a deeper side if you would like to
so that's it on my end back to you jordan all right thank you so much jonathan for that in-depth look at the platform i hope you guys enjoyed that
moving right along we have another group of testimonials from our partner network around the world first up in this group is montenegro most from montenegro of
course nile university in egypt and virtual film school in the usa hi everyone i am velibor boscovich and i
work as ceo of science and technology part of montenegro and we couldn't be happier to be a part of this important global event deployment of the eon xr platform could bring benefits to both our students
industry and wider community also we are impatient to hear updates from some of eon's reality biggest partners and users all around the globe i hope that montenegro will soon join the big e on reality family
and that we will be a proud member of it my name is i am the provost of knight university located in egypt and it's a great pleasure for me to be here in this consortium and i'm proud to say that at night
university we have started a new era by tapping into the new virtual and augmented reality domain in education and industry development and in order to do that we have decided to
partner with a world leader in this area and starting our procedure to set up an eon xr platform here in egypt this is very much aligning
with knight university objectives and mission toward the modernization of the education in egypt and the region it's not only education but also research and development
that will benefit lots of our students lots of our entrepreneurs and lots of our professionals in the area thank you virtual film school in hollywood
california is proud to be eon reality's official film and media arts education partner now stay tuned for this video and then i'll tell you how we can benefit you folks in science and tech welcome to the world's first virtual film school
when you put on the headset you enter the universe of virtual film school where you will learn create and produce films in virtual reality and in real life a place where you are
taught by hollywood's a-list teachers [Music] and guest speakers where you will be transported to any virtual set you can imagine where you can collaborate with other
filmmakers from anywhere on earth regardless of your location and create productions where you learn how to finance and produce your work independently and learn how to distribute and monetize your work worldwide
so here's why this matters to you and your students in science and tech these days whoever controls the medium controls the message every day your students and millions of other young people are using video on social media
to communicate the medium therefore is social video so we empower students to succeed in this medium because it is one of the most influential ways to make the world a better place by using the eon virtual
reality classroom as our medium we empower students to actually do not just watch or listen so let's do this together let's empower your students to create social media about their learnings
findings and discoveries let's give your students a voice that will speak truth and be heard above the noise if you're an educator who wants to help your students make a bigger impact on the world then please contact virtual film school
at info virtualfilmschool.org thanks again eon team all right excellent thank you so much to those partners for those great words moving
right along we have our final presenter for the day we're going to be introducing peter looker our chief learning officer so peter take it away okay thanks very
much jordan and hi to everybody i'm going to um i'm going to give you a very quick overview of what it is
about the eonxr platform that might work in terms of education so um a little bit of background i've been a faculty member for nearly 35 years and so my main interest here is in the learning
and teaching aspects of the platform and how it might look for learners the first thing i'd like to say is that um this is not just about xr and both my colleagues furry and john
have really pointed this out it's it's xr plus the platform design that really counts that's where the pedagogical value is it's the combination of those two things uh
there's a pedagogical imperative in the world at the moment i think particularly perhaps at higher education but in education generally and that is that education in the past has not been very good at bridging the
gap between theory and practice like it's often said by employers for example that students graduate from university knowing a lot of stuff knowing a lot of theory having a lot of
knowledge but they don't actually know what to do with it and that's really a problem of the way that they're taught uh so that there's they're not bridging that gap students themselves see this as well
in fact a number of um different institutions have said the same kind of thing to us los angeles city college who you heard from before uh in our very first meeting with them said that they wanted to be able to bridge the gap between
lecture-based knowledge and applied skills and from the sound of the video you heard before that's something that's certainly happening and that uh you need to be able to convert theory-based uh knowledge into practical
skills with life-like experiences those life-like experiences of course are really xr so one of the things that i'd like to say is that it's again it's not just xr by itself
in the sense that we don't learn a lot as human beings just from episodic experience that's why we have formal education if we did learn from real life
in in the way that we want to learn then we wouldn't need formal education what we actually need is to be able to analyze explore and reflect on those experiences so i'd like to just briefly show you
what i mean here in this example you can see here where this tank is being it is in ar mode it's outside you can get the full sensory motor experience of it
the psychological experience of presence but you don't learn just from that you learn from a combination of that plus the platform's ability to allow you to
analyze the experience as well so it's the combination of the analysis as well as the real life experience that really counts here the other thing that's really important in the platform and john showed you this
before is that you can create activities in the platform and you can sequence those activities so that you can deepen the students learning by making connections
in this example of an eye you can see that there are 13 different activities here and if you go into this lesson you will find that those activities are all very nicely connected with each other to
deepen the students learning and i think that's another really important capability of the platform the final thing i'd like to say is is about the multi-user meetings
we all know as teachers that uh collaborative learning is a very difficult thing to organize it's often messy students often complain about it it sometimes doesn't work but at the same time we also know
that collaborative learning is actually a very valuable thing so what you need is some kind of organizing principle and this is where i think the platform comes into its own not only can you have students in all
kinds of remote locations um collaborating together but the virtual space actually provides a focus for everybody's attention and that then becomes a really good way
of organizing collaborative learning in addition to that learners are provided with content specific uh visualization tools and this study suggests that in fact that's one of the
things that improves collaborative learning so i'd say that the functionality the collaborative learning and the ability to both experience and to analyze
are some of the the key features of the platform in terms of student learning and with that thank you all right excellent thank you for that peter we are almost at the conclusion
of our event today thanks again for everybody for joining we have a little more and then we're going to be doing some question and answer um right now we're going to introduce our final group
of international partners and customers around the world who've been gracious enough to provide their words so enjoy and we'll be right back
assalamu alaikum everyone i am ali zeven chairman of zena technology and telecom systems from the state of kuwait and we couldn't be happier to be a part of a reality family
and to work on building an eon xr center here in the middle east region a region that has suffered greatly from political instability as well as vendemic which has
resulted in depriving millions of our students from basic education we see multiple benefits with the deployment of eon xr platform for
for our students and communities such as postwar and pandemic academic recovery organizations wide xr deployments scalable
to thousands of students localized content lessons intellectual property creation opportunity to share our rich arabian heritage within the aeon global community and
marketplace and last but not least become a part of a reality in dover to refresh your eyes the remote learning thank you for this opportunity
hi i'm jerry and i'm mike we're from osmo here in the philippines and we're excited to be in partnership with eon reality greetings to all and welcome to today's in overall event
my name is istak morin the executive director of the public administration at the city municipality millennium slovenia we are thrilled to be joining the eon xr community within the context of developing our
very own state of the art development and co-creation center the first its kind in slovenia the unix r will play a central role in connecting the diverse activities of the center
which will all focus on different areas and perspectives of the energy transition of the core intensive region in which we are located we wish to apply this incredible technology for supporting
the research and development of new law carbon technologies for training and risking of workers currently employed in the core industry as well as for improving existing curricula on the secondary
tertiary educational levels i believe that the potential of eonix r goes beyond what we can imagine today but of course i would be dishonest if i was
to say that we will not also use it to have some fun for us eon xr stands for opportunity and hope for a cleaner and more accomplished
future thank you hi everyone i am prof dr ali mekhi from al qaram university al-qaeda university one of the best universities in iraq and cargo city
it is consists of 12 medical and engineering departments we are honored to be a part of eon reality family and to set up eon
xr center in our university we see there are multiple benefits for our student using the eonxr platform center for
developing their skills and abilities also it is a good opportunity to share the content in eon global community and marketplace
january 25 2021. all right excellent okay so finally to wrap up today's event we are going to award
our uh 2020 recipient of the eon xr power user and uh we're happy to announce that that winner is ubt so edmund harizi founder and president
of university for business and technology congratulations on receiving this award and thank you for being such a prominent member of our eon xr community
okay so that concludes the content for today's presentation and event um i want to thank everybody for being here again today before we conclude and wrap up we're going to address some of the questions
that have been coming up in the chat um first of all a lot of people have been asking if this recording is going to be available after this event concludes the answer is yes there will be a recording of this event
up a few times uh in the chat during this event it is regarding the mac os release and how to get a hold of that um one person asked
uh it seems that the uh it's not available in their mac app store um and that is okay i'm going to share real quick my screen
and help um those individuals figure out how to uh get a hold of the eon xr app for mac this was briefly covered during jonathan's presentation
but again if you are a mac user and you're looking to download the app you can just go to eonxr.com start your account and once you're within the platform you will see under the profile account
here downloads so you want to click on downloads and then from there you will see eon xr for windows and for mac and you should be able to download it
directly okay great i hope that answers that question we're going to field one or two more before we wrap up do students need an individual account or do we need to have an account
as a college so that's a great question uh the answer is either will work uh you can at any time start a free account on eonxr.com you
don't need to enter credit card information or anything like that our free account is available to anyone to use that will allow you to browse and experience an unlimited amount of
lessons in our free library and it will also allow you to create up to five lessons um and then uh of course we do have those enterprise plans available uh
as well okay luke raj asks what is the major challenge eon has encountered in education industry adoption that is a very good question and for
that i'm going to kick it over to uh our founder dan lay scar dan can you comment on this uh luke asks once again what is the major challenge eon has encountered in
industry in the education industry adoption go ahead you know there's three challenges normally it's awareness that this exists understanding what it does and belief that is going to
make a difference historically was the awareness that was the biggest challenge people were simply not aware still that's a problem today but it's a minor problem and i hope events such as this will
overcome that obstacle the second issue is understanding and today's event also i think help in that context to understand what exactly does eon xr center do and what is the platform doing and
finally but not least important belief and the belief comes with execution by having a center on your site and by using this not just sometime but
very much as a part of your daily activities we like our centers to be co-located we don't like them to be in a pedestal of a separate building only we want them to penetrate all departments and be used so those i
would say are the three largest challenges but slowly and surely we are overcoming those obstacles thank you thank you dan for that answer um with that i'm going to conclude our
event today i want to thank everybody for joining once again we will make a recording of this event available on our website so stay tuned for that and go to eon-xr.com to try out the platform for
free today thanks everyone for joining and bye bye
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