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cool let's get started then uh welcome everybody thanks for joining live um today we have got a showcase on journaling and how we can use obsidian
to enhance that we are meant to have two presenters first is slrvb who is going to be showing us their their journaling set up in their vault um and hopefully mike schmitz is going
to be joining at some point too yeah so the meeting is recorded it's going to be posted on youtube afterwards um if you do have any questions and
comments please do post them in the chat and you can also turn on your mic and camera if you're comfortable with that yeah cool with that um we'll hand over
to slrvp and take it away okay so this is my personal journaling setup i've tried journaling before quite a couple of times
but nothing ever seemed to stick it was always kind of a pain to go through that i just never really wanted to to continue doing um but in obsidian this this setup has
been working for me and and i've been able to add journal entries very easily with minimal resistance so this right here what you're seeing is
the uh journaling uh vault that i have set up for people who have read the forum post about this journaling setup uh it's available to download on that
post uh so you can you can kind of just go around and play with it i can send the link in chat to that vault uh anybody who's previously downloaded it before i should
probably redownload it this time a couple of stuff has changed so this vault currently is a little different than before and so um in this vault uh it's got the basic
folder setup that i already have in my other vault where the actual journaling setup sits in uh and there's a couple of folders inside this this bundle folder
uh there is the xero dojo where all the home pages for all of these other folders are located uh there is the journal folder where it's all the journal entries that i do those are for like just the events of
my day that i just go and record the dream journal is where i record any of the dreams that i've had the previous night the workout log is any exercises i do
uh the conditions log is basically any symptoms that i feel anywhere in my body that i might want to record in case i go to the doctor later and have to recount certain things
i have a code diary which is to basically help me uh write down things that i learned about coding whether it be like css or javascript or whatever
um the residence calendar is like for any media that kind of strikes a chord with me or just challenges the way that i think and the update log is
where i basically list out uh all of the differences in the projects that i've done from the last uh from the last update that i have put out
so those are so those are folders um in this in this vault setup i have a couple uh entries uh titled explained and so in this um
in this vault all of the pages inside each of these folders have a clear explanation of how i basically format these pages so if you use this
fault and uh browse around these explained pages will basically help you understand this the formatting and everything uh so the
home folder is just the journal folder and this is just it lists uh out the months with the tracker plugin and i have that of you listing out all of the
uh the uh entries that i've put in uh most of the time these are limited to like any entries listed this month but since this is the uh journal vault i've just
set it to display whatever's in here since there isn't that much and here is a embed of the current year so this is this is a file
uh where it's just the current year it's just titled 2021 and it's just got everything for this year i have like themes for this year that i i like to do
from the cgp grade beam video and the reflections just you know listing out what exactly about that theme i've i've done so since the theme is learning i've
learned i've learned about css and i learned how to use github this year and so at the bottom there's just the entries and this just listed all the entries that occurred in 2021
so these are so in the zero bujo it's got uh all of the home pages for every single file in here so rarely ever do i actually open these
like if i'm actually searching for something i'll i'll click them open but most of the time i will be sitting in these homepages uh just jumping through some stuff
through the month view or just the list so most of these pages are the same i've got the month view in an uh admonition uh block just so i can collapse it because it gets a little too big on
mobile and this is just a list of all of the very specific uh pages or entries for this particular
section of the notebook so all of these pages are basically formatted the same there's just a couple of differences in the tables depending on what kind of uh section it is
so like for this condition log it's a huge uh data mess where uh i've just listed everything from the page within it
uh to basically show me all the information that i would want to see in a glance so all of this is basically that and this just formatted as nice as i can
make it so same with the dream journal and resonance the timeline is uh a different file it's basically where i just list out the year
uh on this table and i just try to keep it as like a brief uh summary of everything that could have happened in that particular year so in 2021
uh cove it happened and also uh the its thing got released in 2021 so that to me was something that was big i
released my my theme in 2021 and i was really happy with it and so did the obsidian mobile get released that was pretty amazing so those were like the highlights of my
year so yes the update log is the same and so is uh the workout so going into the first uh section which is the journal section
where is my usually just like my day outline uh like this is an example of one day where i have basically all of like the metadata just
displayed on the page and uh it'll just have like headings for like specific events that i want to like talk about so it's like being evolved prep and i'll just bullet list all of the events that
happen uh just like this and that that's about it uh most of the time uh there is like for this explain page like this is like full description of
everything inside so explaining what the rating is the tags what i try and do here most of the time for most journal entries uh i will just have a summary heading
which is just really brief bullet points on whatever happened that day so sometimes some days could be i don't know woke up at 10 am
did some css uh talk to people on discord went to bed at like 9 00 pm and that's it that'll be the entire journal entry uh where it
where most of these like these are these are different where it'll have an event heading which is just the event description and it'll just be a like
pretty uh detailed recollection of the entire day so it'll be very bullet heavy very long these are just very short examples
but that's mostly what goes into the journal entry so i'll just link to the year file and then i'll link to the months but i personally haven't
created month entries or week entries uh they just it was just a little bit too narrow for me and a bit more upkeep than i was
willing to do so i've just settled for a year entry and then daily entries depending on whether or not whatever i did that day was
worth writing down uh so next is the uh actually before that uh so the files the file titles are very specific uh you've got like the date at the
beginning and then a dash and then j and the j is where um where i basically specify that this is specifically a journal entry
uh which just it just makes uh searching for it much faster than if i had to you know query it through the date i could just be like uh j and then it'll give me
every single journal entry that i'm just trying to find and then we have the dash and then the title and uh the title is most of the time a really brief like
three four words per event so here we got like the bb scramble and then first uh d and dm session and uh these like uh the ampersand and
the plus are specifically to help me uh figure out which events kind of relate to each other so the end will be events that are like pretty related so the dnb scramble and
the first d and d dm session those are like about basically the same thing so it'll have the end but the wings section uh the event that one is like completely separated
from the two but i did want to include in the title so that i knew uh what exactly happened that day which is why i have these long titles instead of just the date because whenever i'm looking at the file
title i'd like to know exactly what happened that day without having to click into the file and be like okay just spend time reading you know what one world happened this day
so that's that's just how i have that set up uh so the dream journal is basically the same so all these all of these file titles will basically have like abbreviations of the journal title
so this for the dream is uh dj so yes dream journals are really really simple it's got the same metadata section and uh
just the lists out the day and it's just free form i'm just fully going through the dream in paragraphs just writing down what happened and i'll give it some tags just uh
basically describing what it is sometimes i'll have dreams about like shows or whatever or sometimes i'll have dreams with like people in my life and so that's what i'll put in these two uh
inline field sections yeah most yeah and so sometimes they'll have dream sections so if it's a really long dream or if one section is really huge it'll be split up into a section so i
can jump quickly through all of them [Music] the next one is the workout log uh the workout log has a couple different
template types or because when i exercise i do specific body parts on specific days so one day i'll do arms one day i'll do like
torso or one day i'll do like legs and so i have them all um split up in that same way uh so the files will be the same file title but it'll have an
additional initial to help me figure out which one is leg day which one is torso day so this l is leg day so i'll have the description of what i did
that day so i on the 20 um 2021 uh june 19 i decided hey i'm going to try a new leg routine
and so i'll have it here as a huge table that i'll uh that i'll link to uh other pages in my other vault that have the um
gifts of all of these so i can just like look at it and basically quickly see what that exercise is and then i'll just do it for the amount of time that i set and then rest for however long i set
and the form part is where i'll write you know how many reps did i do how did i feel when i was doing it was i was i in pain or was i like doing it so
well that i don't i didn't even feel it or that it was just so hard that i'm gonna need to drop the rep count uh so that's that's basically the same for pretty much
all of the other entries they'll just have different exercises and like different columns at the top here and so uh there's a w uh workout log
and the w is like the basic template so if i don't decide to do a specific routine and i just decide oh i'm just going to do maybe like a couple push-ups or a couple of uh
squats today both of them it'll just be a w template which is just general it's empty and it'll just be anything that i want to do and uh so this is
this is uh the explained one where it's like it's got the entire table so i'll have exercise time reps rest and log which should basically form in the other one
so uh yeah so that's basically uh how my exercise setup is um and conditions log so yeah the conditions log is
where i basically write out wherever i feel something strange in my body one day so like for example this day uh my leg felt completely and entirely numb
for a good five minutes i think for a good minute and um uh it was kind of distressing so i have like
um a field here for you know writing out you know how distressed was i how much how much pain was i in what was the condition um
what is the uh what was what could have been the cause what area what was the symptom that i felt you know i felt numb uh and the event is specifically like
a more uh because all the rest are are very brief but the event will kind of give me a small summary of like what happened
so the event was i woke up from a nap to no sensation in my leg and all the rest will just be very specific stuff uh and i'll have uh i'll have a note
here where i'll basically uh write out anything of note so like the note i put here was uh i couldn't even i couldn't even stand i
fully collapsed to my knee when i had tried to put weight on it and so that that felt important for me to include so i i included that there and then the summary was like for some reason more
uh detailed uh description of basically everything that happened when it happened uh so yeah so this is the uh
this is the explained log so it'll give you more uh explanation on on how exactly or what exactly goes where uh so the code diary
the code diary also has a little extra uh stuff in the title so the initials for basically the the coding language that i'm referring to so rx is
regex or just regular expressions so i'll have uh a page where i've got uh the code here and then an explanation of like what exactly that code does and since this is
a regex uh it'll specifically have you know the search uh function and then whatever you're gonna replace it with so how or just how you're gonna replace it and so i'll have the explanation of like
every single individual thing that goes on in this so i'll have so i'll just break it down in bullet point where i'll have the whole thing basically telling me uh this whole part is telling me search for
the property fandom and then this specific part is copy the fandom title um and uh and then i'll just keep going with all the rest just explaining
every specific part so that if i ever forget what i did or how i did it or why i did it it'll all be here and then i'll put like maybe an image or just
a code code block where it's got the result of whatever i've whatever i've uh put in here another one is for like this one was for javascript
and it's add today tomorrow as a date from the title and so this is something that's like in the templates of uh the journal entry
uh so it'll it'll just pull the dates from this title and spit it out in the uh proper uh formatting that i that i wanted to be so this one is just adding like
dates for tomorrow and then yesterday based on the file title and so i've described everything that happened there and then this was the result the file title was uh 2021 05 22 uh journal entry
testing journal entry and it'll give me the date uh for tomorrow and yesterday based on this uh title uh so that's that's the code diary
uh resonance calendar is the uh media that like uh really makes me think and i will write notes based on that
because it's something that i would like to refer back to or share with somebody and be like hey this is what i've learned from this video or just something that i thought was interesting from this video
maybe take a look at this if you're interested in that and so yeah so i'll have like if it's a video i'll embed it here if if there's nothing to embed i'll just leave the uh
the source link in the uh the metadata the metadata here uh yeah and i'll have the creator and the title of that media here so that uh it appears properly the the
file titles it'll have the title of the media and then two dashes and then the creator and the two dashes to me will always signify hey this is whatever comes after this
is specifically the creator of this media so this one is envy uh by contra points and so i'll have uh all of the notes from that video written out here in uh
and most of time i will like i will uh split the the view and i'll just like unlink it so that the video can can continue playing here but i can continue just taking notes and keeping the video in
view and uh whenever i'm still working through the video and i haven't fully finished taking notes i'll just throw in this progress in progress tag and
i'll just throw it at the top because it looks ugly and that's going to bother me and that's going to like push me to push me to just finish logging uh or just taking notes of like everything from that video so that i can
just remove that thing and uh finally get it to a point where it's like hey take a look at these notes and uh and this won't look ugly to me um
and the last one is the update log and so the update log is like for any projects that i'm working on where it's like important for me to write down what has changed
i will put that here and so uh so for example my my theme i do a lot of updates to it and sometimes i'll forget
what i've put into the theme sometimes so it'll completely blindside me sometimes when i'm trying to write the update log and i'll be like oh yeah i i added this thing
completely forgot i added this thing because i did it like days ago so this helps me make sure that whatever whatever i've updated goes into the update so that
other people know hey this is the new stuff that's there because most of the time i'll just have it in a huge bullet list form just it's just so much easier for me to write that way
and so this is just an example of uh one of those pages where it'll just have the uh the date and then what project it is this is the ids theme and then in my other vaults i have like a folder of all
my projects and stuff so i just link to the specific uh page where that project lives and uh i have metadata here so the metadata has the link to the update log so this one
has a link to the forum where i post the update um and yeah that's basically that's basically it for the update log this is just another example where this one got
really big so i had to split it up into a couple of sections where stuff was uh updated specifically and so um
yeah that's basically the entire journal setup i see i see some questions i agree love the icons i'm new to this but is there an easy way to insert
and is it a personal icon library um so yeah so my journal setup is using the its theme um and in the current up in a recent update of this theme
i had decided to move the icons out of the theme because they were just they had basically uh shot my theme up in size to like one
megabyte and so yeah that was just too big so i moved it out and so um most of most of the icons here though come from so some of the icons inside are from
that icon snippet i'm talking about and then on uh most of these are mostly from the iconify website
where i have a link here where uh most of the most of the icons come from there and they have like a specific uh svg
format which is what i use so css is uh pretty heavy here so i'll just css the little icons here and css the icons
here which are using the um which you can use the uh supercharge links but for me since i have these very particular file titles i can just target the file title and display an icon here
this is the iconify website uh i sent that in the chat and so yeah so that's that's basically what i've been using um very curious in the movie how do you
place two notes either side uh yeah that's just um that's just the upsetting itself uh you can just uh open preview mode uh
control click and it'll split the pane and this is usually how i have it set up because i always want to see what the the preview is while i'm while i'm typing so i'll just have it split paint like this
yeah oh yeah so um for the journals uh yeah most of the time i will use the quick add plugin with all of the uh commands that i have
um set mapped uh to alt j and so this is this is where i go and i add all these journal entries so if i wanted to do let's say uh the bullet journal
it'll ask me oh what's the title and i'll say um today is uh the community uh talk journaling
and it'll it'll send me right here it'll just have everything set up all the date the title uh the whole file and then i can just go here and start typing
like started at 12 or 6 p.m and so and so that'll that'll basically be how that would be how i add most of these
so like for the workout log it's got the extra uh lettering there so i can be like uh this is arms this is torso this is leg and this is like just the general workout template
and so yeah most of the time i don't i don't add the title until i'm done working out so that's that's basically what i do there that so yeah i think
i think i've covered everything um i've got a question so i i know that this vault that you're using is just uh like for the showcase um but
you must then at some point integrate like your resonance calendar notes into the rest of your vault like if it's really resonant um so do you have like a
system for that like at what point does a journal entry get added to the rest of the world um well for here for for this vault um
this this has been uh separated as a showcase vault so that people can use it most of the time this fault lives in my headquarters wolf and my headquarters well contains my my
pkm so often times i'll be writing in the pkm and be like oh yeah this video that i had watched and i'll just link right to the resonance calendar uh
note so i'll just link it straight there if if i have those notes already set up and so so that's basically how i use it so it's got it's just another folder
file link to the journal entry here and then and then that's it yeah okay okay so the the resonance column the entry is treated like the
the source node the node for that that piece of media yeah basically okay okay interesting interesting um [Music] guys you can
ask questions in the chat if you got and um yeah also speak over mike if you're comfortable with that [Music] and just if anyone's like typing i also like how you
um the metadata as a dataview inline field so that you can just reuse it in multiple places instead of repeating it yeah that's a nice touch
yeah it took a lot of fiddling and trying to figure out how exactly i wanted to set it up so yeah that was that was the best format i could think of
sorry i have a question i maybe you covered this but i am chasing kids still so i i don't know um do you have a way or a place where
you sort of put all your yeah daily yeah sort of daily notes together so let's say a place where you get an overview of all the journal entries you
made in a single day i don't have something like that but i could easily do it with um with data view i'll just i'll just have like maybe i'll
just have a section in the top journal note where it's just like uh a fiddly uh dataview uh query where i could just say uh hey show me the uh
the files of 2021 um that i did in september the 11th and so i'll just have the that query uh show anything to me
from that one specific day but otherwise yeah i i don't tend to look back too often at the journal entries
in that same way sorry i didn't really mean journal journal but sort of all the uh types of entries you make under the bujo category so let's say i wanna see what i what
happened friday last week um did i write on my journal did i have an entry on the dream journal um what type of things happened on the resonance calendar or something else we have like an overview
note for a single day um i i don't think i do um i just
i guess just personally i just haven't had the uh need to uh take a look at what happened on one specific day because a lot of a lot of my days tend to be
pretty spread out in what journal entry i i write in but yeah i think i would i would definitely use a uh i would either
actually i think in one of my other entries i have um wherever like stuff really happened on that day it'll often be in the
in that day's journal so in that day i will link to uh oh hey i had this dream today so i went to there or hey i also i also did like a couple workouts
and uh maybe the condition that that workout left me was oh i oh god i accidentally made my fingers numb
from that workout and so then i'll also link to that conditions log um so so that's that's about as close as i get to like an overview of like hey what happened
on on this specific day for all of these entries but other than that um yeah i don't have a note for something like that all right
good to know just curious about uh yeah how you organized so since they are all in a way daily notes if there was any way you would link them together but i think what you just mentioned uh
definitely makes a lot of sense yeah i see i see a question in chat so was that conify icons integrated into the its theme or as a css snippet
um so the iconify icons at least for the folder is in the uh the folder styles here and the folder styles css
i will use the uh svg icon url and uh basically put it where i need to so yeah so the same goes goes with the links it's just uh some of the encoded
icons that used to be in the theme but it's now in a snippet are mostly encoded icons so it'll be from like either the remix icon set or
google material icons kind of thing so it'll just reference from both of those places so a lot of it is like mostly down to css um and do you use any
like journal prompts to to like get your mind started writing you know um [Music] i
don't tend to use journal prompts uh mostly mostly because i i guess i just like to keep my my journal set up like for my my journal page pretty uh
minimalistic so i just i go here like you you can see a blank it's just a fully blank note and that's just for me personally because i tend to not like seeing a
bunch of uh a bunch of stuff where i want to write it it just feels a little stressful so i i tend to just have a blank note and the summary is basically what kind of
jumpstarts me into into writing because it's not pushing me to try and write you know a whole like essay on what i did that day
i had i had tried to do that when i was using obsidian at first to try and do this where i was just writing full-on like paragraphs of like what happened in that day and after a week i
just couldn't i just i just kept trying to avoid having to to write in my journal because that was just taking up a huge chunk of my day so the summary is just where i'll i'll like start writing oh hey i woke up at like
12 today like 12 a.m and uh and then i'll just start like adding little little other bullets of like just a couple of other things that might have
happened and then sometimes something big will happen and i'll just be like oh i should i should write about that be like oh hey i had this whole um experience at uh court today let me
write about that whole thing so yeah so i i don't i don't tend to use the questions it's just kind of empty canvas for me to start writing on
right yeah and um i i guess if the intention is to just capture stuff that's happened in the day then [Music] like that that prompt of
um like what your body looking for in your future isn't um doesn't fulfill that purpose yeah most yeah most of my my journaling is just kind of like okay i want to lock down what happened
instead of you know a bit more uh reflective on on certain things and that's that's that's just how i found i prefer to journal just a preference yeah yeah
and and just um like when you decide to make a dedicated mode for some event i suppose you just kind of get a feel for it after practicing um
uh wait what do you mean um maybe i'm overthinking it like deciding when something gets its own um separate journal entry versus just being added as a bullet point in
the current phase entry uh most of the time at least uh for for this journal journaling uh setup uh i
only tend to have one journal entry per day and so most of the time if something gets like really huge and i'll just have like sub bullets of like sub bullets of like sub
bullets and it's just like this this is getting too wild a lot of the time i will just take that like here uh i will i'll just take that and uh
turn it into a heading and so anything anything that gets like see like this one has a sub bullet with a couple of stuff but since it's only just a couple of things um it's not uh
it's not too unwieldy yet to turn into a subheading of this heading so a lot of the time i'll just have you know headings here so that i can i can jump through it i i don't i don't really
split it up into a new page right right that makes sense and it's so organized yeah so like if i if i ever need to link to something specific from this day i i can just link to this heading
yes yes so so yeah so that's how i have that set up okay okay [Music] um [Music] cool
there aren't any more questions um i suppose we would move to mike but i don't see mike in the audience and
just send a message if you are yeah and i mean you can still ask some questions to slrv if you've got um we'll see if mike's here
otherwise we could just spend a few more minutes chatting about the system and then maybe finish there i've got a question um one of my biggest problems when it comes
to journaling is finding like creating the habit to actually sit down and do it with obsidian you know i i know a lot of your journals are really helpful that they you're able to kind of do it in the
moment but do you have any routines that have come about um since you've started using obsidian for journaling um yeah the routine that i've i've built up at
least most consistently was just kind of waking up and immediately opening uh obsidian to just write down what happened into like what happened in my dream
so oftentimes i i used to just like tell my friends what had happened and then like weeks later i'd be like oh yeah i had a couple of dreams the past week and then have to
spend a whole like two three hours coming back here and then writing down so for me that that was one uh habit that i've just started uh doing because of this since
uh the quick add plugin just makes it really quick to just hop into obsidian and load up a note and have it go where i need it to immediately uh yeah and and the uh
the journal the summary has been really helpful in just just getting me to at least write something about what happened that day without having to worry about uh is this really
all that important to write down i've just i've just been able to just easily write like sometimes sometimes it'll be in the morning most of the time it'll be in the
afternoon where i decide to like write about what happened that day or previous day i have a separate question um how how much time do you think you needed to make the setup work with quick
edge because this so i saw also a previous stock um for buttons and it's definitely one tool that i want to go and explore but i also know how
obsidian plugins are rabbit holes yeah i definitely am very interested in having a setup very similar to this also to separate for example work uh logs and
personal notes and sort of daily notes uh but i haven't gone into the rabbit hole because i don't know actually how much time it will take me to learn quick add and set things up so roughly for you um
more or less how much time did you need to spend to set this up um well uh after i had watched at least uh christian's video on on like the basics
getting this entire setup ready to go with quick add didn't really take too much time maybe like 30 minutes top for like all of them since i already had the system set up it
was just a matter of getting the templates to go in and getting the uh file titles to be correct this is all in in the multi so i can just
hotkey it and it'll show all of these to me and so it's it's pretty simple there's there's not much that goes into uh the quick ad it's all the same kind of thing where i'll have it um
automatically put it in the correct date folder so i i have like specific folders within the journal entries for like that year so i can easily collapse them or uh open them if i need to see oh hey
what what like what thing happened in uh 2020 or what thing happened in 2021 so i can easily go through there and then the rest is just you know uh put put the date in the title
uh since this is like the journal entry thing just put j and then format it properly for me and then just give me a prompt to put in in the
title and then that's it and uh send it send it to the uh journal folder just send it there open it and that's basically it
that's just all that goes into this quick ad setup and so for for my other vaults i just have the same kind of quick ad settings for my
pkm i'll just have it automatically give like just set the prefix and the template and i can just hotkey it and immediately continue working
so yeah to me quick quick add is like unnecessary plugin well that's that's very promising because let's say i double i need double the time it's it's still fine i can
definitely deal with one hour of setup and just um i mean looking at the way you set up your bolt for me this would be extremely extremely useful for example for meeting nodes i
have a couple of breaks that i work on and take meeting nodes um for and i always create my notes by hand so i use another language to
write today then go back edit the title add a prefix for the project then some additional titles for the meeting and then manually invoke the template and this thing you showed me basically would
automate all of that so that i only have to do one thing yeah like for my for my workout log this one is a little more uh specific so yes like you can just add the prefixes of your
file title to do it automatically and add the template so that you don't you don't have to spend more time doing that and so like if if you need to like pick the the the type of meeting that it is or
the type of project that it is you can you can have like multiple selects so you can just go through and just be like oh yeah it's a work meeting kind of thing uh enter and then
it'll create the entire file for you very very nice thank you very much cool um any last questions from anybody there i don't think
mike will be joining us for this talk so perhaps we can have them for another one i think so too um yeah then in in the meantime maybe we
can only just give a very quick uh either virtual club or um yeah unmute yourself and clap for uh slr because the talk was really really awesome thanks very much again
yes [Music] cool yeah thank you thank you very much for sharing this and um especially for sharing the the vault for everyone to try out themselves
if you didn't see it could you possibly post the link again just for anyone that joined after yeah slrvb has made this setup fold available uh so you can try it out
yourself and yeah the video has been recorded so you can also um re-watch it on youtube later cool um yeah and thank you to the audience
for joining and for participating um yeah that's what makes these community talks community huh yeah so yeah thank you again asabi um yeah
are you happy if people uh message you about this on discord uh yeah sure i i think that's fine with me cuckoo yeah same same handle on discord
you can reach out to them there yeah and we'll make an announcement when this video is up thanks again everyone for joining us and hope to see you also next time
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