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>> Hi, I'm Jon. We're continuing our introduction to Visual Studio for Mac, and in this video we are going to install Visual Studio for Mac and create a simple C Sharp application. So Visual Studio for Mac is part of the Visual Studio family, I've gone to the Visual Studio website, visualstudio.com, and I click at, "Download Visual Studio for Mac". Then, while it's installing,
there's a few steps to this. First, it downloads this quick installer, it does a little verification step, and then after that, it's going to allow me to select what I'm installing. So here I'm going to click on the little green down arrow, and that's going to pop up the full installer. So again we need to go through this verification step,
and then it's going to allow me to pick which workloads I'd like to support. So there's a small trade off here. I can decide to install everything upfront just in case I'll use it later, or I may say I want to just use.NET Core development which is what I'm going to do today. So if you do later say, "Oops, I actually would have liked to install support for mobile development,
or for games," I can go back through and install additional support later. So here it's completing the verification. I'm going to open this. So you just verify, yes, I did. I actually download this on purpose, and now it's going to walk me through installing. So it's doing some magic, it's checking to see what all is installed,
it's also, I need to say, "Yes, I accept the terms." So this is the point where I was mentioning, I can go through and I can say what exactly do I want to build. So if you are going to be building for instance, Mac OS applications, or iOS applications, you can leave that checked. In order to speed up this install, you can just select.NET Core which is what we'll do today.
So now I'm going to click "Install", and at this point it's going to download a few 100 megabytes, and go through this installation process. So while it's doing that, let me show you some other resources that were displayed on this page. So once I've clicked on this download it, and it says, "Thank you, here is some other stuff." If you're like me and I know I am,
I often just ignore these pages, close the tabs, and move on, but there's actually some really good information here. So if you click on this, "Gets Started", this takes you through, here's our tailored experience, here's what we think you should know if you're getting started with Visual Studio for Mac. So it has this whole document on installation, if you run into any trouble. There's also this take a Tour of Visual Studio for Mac,
and this talks about what all you can do and more time that we're going to talk today, and it walks you through the setup experience, it walks you through all the different things that are available there. So this is a really good resource as you're getting setup with Visual Studio for Mac. So let's go take a look. It's going through and it's doing my installation,
and so I probably have just a few more minutes left. Okay, so our installation completed, so I can go ahead and eject this, and we are ready to get started. So now that we have installed Visual Studio for Mac, I can go and create a new project. So we're going to start with the simplest kind which is a console application.
So I'm going to go in here and I'm going to say, I would like to create a.NET Core app with the console application. Click "Next", I can give it a name, and then I can decide what other things I want to do, if I want to use version control, etc. So I think it's a good practice usually, I just go ahead and create those by default. So now it's going to create a new application for me,
and that's one of the nice things that an IDE, integrated development environment like this does, is actually create a new project types for me. So it will get things set up and running. Okay, so here is our console applications. So this is a very simple application. When I run it, it's just going to say, "Hello world". So let's make sure that works.
So it's going to build that, and it's going to run it, and there we go, and it said, "Hello World", and press any key to continue. Now that I've got this set up, I can go in and I can edit it, I can first of all, I'll stop debugging. So now if I wanted I can continue to use any of the features that we've talked about in the previous videos, we can go in here and I can do refactoring,
I can set a debugger, all this stuff, and I can just get right to work. So a console application is great for just learning the language features especially. It's very lightweight, not a lot of code, and very interactive. So we've just finished working on a very simple application. As you're building more complex applications, you're going to want to take advantage of the more advanced features in Visual Studio for Mac.
So be sure to join us in our next video when we are going to be looking at some productivity features, and tips and tricks for Visual Studio for Mac.
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