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hello everyone and welcome back to the channel today i wanted to showcase a quick capture app that i've been using for the last little while uh so that i can brain dump my ideas while i'm out on
the go using my phone i just have to dictate my ideas and then it will transcribe that information into an outline format that i can then use to export as a markdown
file which means that i will work with both obsidian and log seek so that i can incorporate and this into my digital mind workflow so that app is a voice liner
it's a free app available on google and the app store so in this video i'm going to show you how the app works how i use it as well as what the workflow looks like for getting information that i've recorded
into my digital mind so let's dive in and take a look [Music] so at the beginning of the day what i'll do is i'll go to the voiceliner app and then i will create a new outline that
i'm going to use throughout the day but instead of naming it with today's date i'll name it with tomorrow's date and i'll explain why i do that in a second but i want to use the same format that i
use for obsidian and log seek daily note pages that way when i export the markdown file it will automatically add it to the day's daily note page so you can just click down in the bottom to set
up a new outline change the date and then click create so if i see the one here that i have created for today i have it ready to go and then when i want to record uh an idea brain dump
something i can just hit the record uh hold the record button and then uh just say whatever i want so this would be another good idea for a literature note hashtag literature underscore note
and then it will transcribe that note for me one thing that i find useful about the just speaking instead of having to type with my with my fingers is that i can
kind of think out loud a little bit more and get more information and i sometimes find i generate more insights being able to speak versus uh type things so i find that really useful the other cool thing
about the app is that it's an outliner style so i can indent different ideas very easily by swiping them left and right you can drag them up and around and move them around same way you would
in an outliner like log seek or rome research and then what i'll do is just record my notes here throughout the day and then the next day when i'm processing my inbox
in the morning i can then export my file as a markdown to the journals folder where i have my obsidian vault
saved so i'll just save it in the journals now i use obsidian sync to sync all my files across my devices so once i'm done doing that i'll just quickly open up my
obsidian graph to upload and sync it and then it's there available for me [Music] so once it's done syncing i now have this information available across all my
devices to be able to process i typically like processing at my computer with a full keyboard and mouse setup but i can send this information
where it needs to go depending on what type of information it is currently i'm using notion for managing my content creation so i can just you know copy and paste anything from here into my notion dashboard same
thing for anything that is a task or someday maybe that i want to consider it can go where it needs to go and then for the digital mind kind of personal knowledge management portion where i'm making evergreen notes
i just want to make sure that if it is an evergreen note or literature note that i have an idea about that i want to make sure that's tagged as such as well as adding then any keywords you know that i might want
to uh ensure that it's going to be discoverable under the right context when i am looking at making uh crafting my evergreen notes
[Music] i've been really enjoy using this app for the last little while i've i found that it's reduced the friction for quick capture while i'm away from my computer in a really
really good way i like how it can send files markdown files so that i can easily get it into my system to be able to process so that's a voice liner if you
haven't checked it out i recommend doing so it's free there's really no risk to giving it a shot let me know if you found this video useful if it give you any ideas if you have any ideas for how i can
improve it i would always love to hear about it and i will see you all next time [Music]
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