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and welcome everyone to our monterey city council minion of march 2nd evening only praise the powers that be and before we
get started i'm going to ask our very helpful as assistant city manager nat roger nasa there to explain to folks how they can participate
in our meeting as our our wonderful public so nat it's all yours please thank you mayor roberson there are two ways to participate in our city council meetings one is to join directly
on zoom gov using the zoom app on your computer or mobile device and the second method is to join by calling directly into the meeting to join the meeting on zoom using your computer smartphone or telephone you can use the link or the phone number on the
agenda that's located at ice search monterey.org since the meeting is already started you'll find the agenda under the recent tab to join by telephone please dial
toll-free 833-568-8864 then you'll enter the meeting id which is 160-772 pound and if you're prompted to enter a participant id press
pound one more time detailed instructions on how to use zoom is available on our website at monterey.org forward slash public meetings to make a public comment using the zoom app you can virtually raise your hand using
the raise hand button that's off the bottom of your screen if you've dialed in by phone you can raise your hand by pressing star 9 and then unmute yourself by dialing star six you must do both public commenters
will be muted until it's their turn to speak i'll be calling on each public speaker in the order of their hands raised we'll have a time limit for today's meeting and we'll be showing a countdown timer on the screen if you're
connected live on zoom the timer is accurate with no delay this meeting is also being streamed live on youtube.com forward slash city of monterey with a 10 second delay and also on comcast channel 25 which you
should know will have a delay of about 90 seconds as always we look forward to receiving public comment from everyone tonight and back to mayor robertson yes okay i just got another sign on my computer to launch the
meeting and obviously it's been launched so we'll call our meeting to order and would ask our very high class city clerk clementine to
introduce our caring city council please council member albert here council member hoffa here council member smith here council member williamson here
and i'm here as well and in a moment you will see the flag over colton hall on your screen and as soon as we're ready i'll invite you and join me in the pledge of allegiance as soon as we're ready we'll
wait a moment there it is all right so we'll ask everyone to please join me i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united liberty and justice for all
all right thank you so much that's a i really enjoy doing that and as an elementary school teacher that's something we did every day to start our day so next is
recognition of the american red cross month i'm going to ask our very honest city manager did you have a brief staff presentation on this i noticed that
our good friend jay had prepared a little report so hans are you ready to go with that or otherwise i'd be happy to read the proclamation mr mayor we have uh lee from the
american red cross here with us and lee is prepared to give us a brief presentation and then with that i pawned over to lee hedgepeng oh excellent thank you and hello lee welcome
unmute yourself lee there you go oh there we go now i'm unneeded there yeah thank you thanks well thank you so much uh mayor and uh all city council members for this uh proclamation and the recognition
that uh for uh on behalf of all of our volunteers i only wish that we could all be together in person and i could thank you personally you know speaking of being together in person i was reflecting
earlier today that at just about the same time last year we were in person in chambers uh been accepting this proclamation and i remember that we had a nice chat about uh the history of the proclamation
that president roosevelt had signed that uh back in during world war ii and we talked about the fact that a few of us in the conversation their our fathers were in world war ii so it was a real nice yes a real nice chat
um and so i'm thinking that it must have been just about this time last year when all of you when the city council went to virtual meetings that must have been among the latter of the in-person meetings i'm guessing
back last march so let me just tell you a little bit about the red cross's activities during the year 2020 an interesting little thing that i happened to read today was that
in 2020 our country had the most billion dollar that's with a b billion dollar disasters in any year in its history um so of course we were very busy responding to those sorts of events and
listen the other side of the coin is that americans really responded both was dollars of course in donations but also um there were 70 000 new entirely new volunteers who joined the ranks of red cross
last year in 2020 to help respond to those to those many disasters and of course quite aside from those those billion dollar disasters nationally we had more way more than our share
of disasters here locally in our region of course the horrible wildfires last year and uh now more recently the concerns about uh mud flows in the burn scar areas and so forth um and you know we talk pretty regularly
at our local chapter that um although responding to all of the disasters throughout the country and throughout the world are meaningful to us somehow it is just somehow more meaningful and more heartfelt
when we're responding literally and figuratively to our own neighbors when they're in need so once again i can't thank you enough on behalf of all of our volunteers for this recognition and for the proclamation
uh we appreciate it hugely well thank you liam first of all let me correct what i said eric palmer has been extraordinarily helpful in getting our proclamation together and getting you on our agenda
your staff is very efficient they they they're they're so good in all of the planning and all the scheduling of this i can't speak highly enough for them yes absolutely and and so the proclamation summarizes
that uh myself this as the mayor our city council and our citizens proclaim the month of march 2021 as american red cross month and we encourage all americans to
support this organization and its noble humanitarian mission and we'll get the proclamation to you i have a question lee and that is i noticed in your remarks that you
provided for eric and eric's really good report about the 13 blood drives at the alistero park center and nearly 500 units of blood can you tell the anyone who's watching is it
safe to give blood um what are what are the protocols just to assure folks because i'm sure the need is as great as ever could you comment on that please sure the need is as great as ever i appreciate you asking that
yes we're we're especially careful uh in the blood drives there any person who comes to give blood will be first met uh by what's known as a blood donor ambassador uh they'll be asked in terms of their present health
situation though their temperature will be taken and so forth and so on so we're we're extraordinarily careful um uh and and yes people can be assured that it's safe to give blood at this time and as you point out that
the need is as great as ever yes and so anyone who's ever down by lake ellis sterile dennis the menace park which we hopefully we will be open one of these days you'll see it a large i think it's a truck versus a trailer
and you'll see see it there and our reservations necessary to to give blood how would someone do that lee well um reservations are typically taken whether
one is strictly necessary to any given blood drive i'm afraid i can't tell you right now uh i'd be happy to get that information and get get you an answer on that yeah that would be great we could pass it on in the outstanding daily update that
laurie welgo and her department puts together we can certainly let people know that but yes reservations can be made i'm just not prepared to say that each and every blood drive it's
it's a strict necessity to have one yes understood no okay well again thank you for for joining us and i'm i was very um pleased to hear that you've got more volunteers than ever
i think one of the things if there are any positive side effects to this whole shelter and place in pandemic is we're finding out how much how giving everybody is in our community absolutely absolutely well thank you
again to all of you all right our pleasure you're welcome to hang around or if you wanted to watch uh cable news we understand thanks so much thank you bye bye goodbye
all right public comments and that would be anything not on the agenda it's also a good time if you wanted to make any remarks about our closed session items this would be a good time
to do that as well and so the public comments are within the jurisdiction of monterey if a short answer would be appropriate we can do that otherwise by
the state brown act we really can't get into a discussion or explanation because things have to be on the agenda for transparency so with that we're going to ask now we have a three minute limit
and i'm not leaving i have to go plug in this laptop so if you see me just stop my video for a minute i'll be right back while i grab the charger okay super we'll go ahead and take
public comment here and uh we've got a few raised hands uh just a reminder to uh please raise your virtual hand if you'd like to speak and the first caller will be gene rash hi gene welcome to the
monterey city council meeting tonight if you could click unmute we'll be able to hear you gene uh if you're there i i don't know if you can see there is a unmute button then we'll be able to take your
your comment if not we'll have to move on to our next caller okay i think we're gonna go ahead and move to the next caller until uh gene can uh connect with us here so
i will go ahead and um oh let's see no okay we'll go to 650 area code 368 for the last three digits and if you could please admit yourself
by dialing star six there we go welcome hi this is gene brash oh um so dean rashford city yes from the city of monterey with monterey
vista neighborhood association where i'm calling in to ask that we re-prioritize the wireless and encroachment ordinances
that everyone worked on so long and hard through 2019 and into 2020 we're very close to having it finished
volunteers put in 100 hours in a range of 100 hours people like me who tried to keep up and participate and watch and ask questions and contribute gave many hours that doesn't even touch what
the staff did kim cole did so much our own attorney was there constantly steve whitry contributed so much and that we hired with our
city friends uh the attorney van etten who's the specialist in telecommunications law and he was there for hours and hours and i'm sure he did research that he billed for it's
just a shame to let that go we need those ordinances in place there will be cell tower applications we have to be ready and and i hope we prioritize it to the back to the top of the list and thank
you all for your good work bye thanks jane okay we will go on to our next caller that's pat benza hi pat there we go hi pat bensa city of monterey
also a member of the monterey vista neighborhood association and i'm also calling about the wireless ornaments i want to make it a reminder that it's
been over four or five years ago before this when this subject started and that that city council chamber which we hope to all be back in one day was overflowing with citizen
participation on how important this subject was to so many people the wireless ordinance subcommittee was formed those participants spent
hundreds of hours participating reading getting references on on that wireless ordinance and it's been over a year and a quarter
since they made their final approval on it i want to remind uh also somewhere in the midst of all of that over a year and a quarter ago
the mayor was very discouraged about the hundreds of thousands of dollars that the consultant fees were and how much this this process of getting the
wireless ordinance was costing well it's one thing for it to cost it's another thing for us to waste it and that appears to be what is happening because all that time from that
consultant and the money and the time that the staff did and volunteers has now been sitting for over a year and a quarter with nothing done i understand that it's item number
60 on the priority list and that really bothers me there's always going to be new priorities um and are they always going to be shoved to the bottom as a new one comes
along and can we never see completion of something i just feel that i'm not you know totally in the loop as to what it's going to take to get this
done but the idea that it hasn't gone before the planning commission and then to on to you folks for approval um when hundreds of thousands of dollars has been spent
is a total waste of our taxpayer money and the funds that are so limited to the city so please let's see this thing get done and finalized i appreciate your
help thank you great thank you pat for calling in we're going to uh take our next caller and the last three digits of their phone number is four five two
four five two and we ask that you please on your keypad style star six to unknit yourself since you're calling in by telephone would you please again dial star 6 to
unmute yourself and we can hear you okay uh we're we're not hearing uh this individual who's called in by telephone well we always remind people to please
you you must not only dial star 9 to raise your hand but star 6 to unmute and if you don't dial star 6 we aren't able to hear you so we won't be able to take your public comment um we have another caller here last three digits is one five
one one five one if you could please dial star six to unmute we'll then take your public comment 151 there we go hi this is tammy jennings i live
in the city of monterey and i'm calling because again i'd like to find out when and or if there's any timetable
with regards to opening the sportscenter pool for people that can't exercise anywhere but the pool okay thank you for your public comment uh we
unfortunately there's no uh dialogue between staff and and questions from the public there we take all the comments and we're happy to uh follow up with you if you'd like to email us at suggest monterey.org we can uh staff respond to
your inquiries or your questions okay thank you thank you for your comment yep thanks so much from that before we go on could you remind folks about turning down the volume of their computer or tv or whatever before they
speak because we it makes it harder for us to hear them that's that's a good reminder thank you uh councilmember hoffa yes uh reminder to to those because of feedback we do ask that uh
that you turn off your speakers or television sets so we don't hear that feedback okay we're going to go to 452
again please dial star 6 to unmute yourself and we'll take your public comment and if not we will have to move on four five two four hi
this is kayla fossum president of villa del monte neighborhood association and i just wanted to let you know that you haven't heard from me for a while but i watch you regularly and
we are involved in our neighborhood we monitor all the financial discussions especially we have participated in all the feedback for the
cannabis businesses that's been ongoing and i just wanted to let you know that um we are involved we're watching we appreciate all you've been doing the council and
the staff as we uh enter this ominous one-year annual anniversary horrible anniversary of the shutdown
due to the pandemic having said that i also want to touch upon the ncip i know that you know of course because of budgetary considerations you had to pull back
all of the funds from the already approved projects and funded projects but i also heard some some chatter at the last city council meeting that you
were going to start up the ncip process again this year which i assume is this april we have been in contact um
in my neighborhood with tom hardy and he seemed a little unsure as to when that was going to start and it's my understanding that all the prior projects that were funded
and approved will not have to go through the application process again so i just want to encourage you i know budgetary is primary consideration
but i think the ncip is important and i want to encourage city council to stay on top of that and get back into the water as soon as possible on
on those projects thank you very much great uh always great hearing from you kayla thank you so much all right yep thank you and uh that concludes public comment on items
that are not on tonight's agenda okay now would you repeat uh the easy email address um because obviously we have tami's and jeans and
pats and kayla's emails but folks who want to have questions such as the really good ones that we had just now once again yes are any questions
comments feedback to the city can be sent to suggest s-u-g-g-e-s-t at monterrey.org okay that's really easy
and what happens then is once it comes into suggest at monterey.org it will be channeled to the staff person and i can guarantee you you will get an answer
and i know uh the monterey sports center as we know everything's up in the air we're still in purple tears red tears school reopenings texas and mississippi just opened up
their entire state and eliminated their mass mandates i don't think that's going to happen here in california so you've got new j vaccination and they're going to partner
with merck which is a competitive drug company and they're going to make j j's together so there's so many things going on and i know i hear a lot of questions about the monterey sports center so we'll get to that to
you and also ncip i know we've had other ncip members and public asking what is the status of that what are we looking like going forward so we'll get those
answers for you as well as we'll talk about the timing for wireless so thanks all our good friends our our loyal followers for your suggestions on consent items uh any member of the
public that we know now who wants to pull a consent item not that we're aware of and no one has their hands raised to do so council want to pull or comment on anything
nope okay then i'll just make a motion to approve the consent second okay all right we have a motion second roll call please also member williamson yes councilmember
smith yes councilmember hoffa yes council member albert yes and mayor robertson yes for me as well council comments let's start with dan uh councilmember
dan anything for us this evening meetings you've been to or anything do i do i have a couple um i i did attend the monterey vista neighborhood association meeting last night and uh
there were several subjects as you already heard from a couple of the members tonight one was litter on the highways and and they they discussed a community service project
uh for some of the um some of the areas in the city uh or in their neighborhood uh the second is uh they they talked with great length about both the homeless encampments along the
don david park and some of their concerns and they also mentioned about um a a uh we did discuss this a year ago before covet a year a
city-wide plan for homeless and and i think that alan brought up about putting together an ad hoc committee um on homelessness in the city of monterey so
they were wondering where we were on that particular uh item and then the last one was we already talked about or they already talked about was the wireless ordinance
and where we are in in putting it to a vote or at least getting it on the agenda uh the second item i have is i am a board member of the monterey regional waste management district
and um i don't know if you uh realize this but for the last uh 10 months the last chance mercantile which people bring out to usable items and then their resell
resold to the public it's been closed for about 10 months and one of the reasons obviously is for covid reasons but the the districts also decided because it is
run at a loss that they've taken out a um some requests for moving that to a contracting services of operation
we do have two that have applied or have responded to the rfp and in the next month or two we're going to make a decision on whether we're going to keep that in-house or um go ahead and put it out
to um to operational services so it it's what if anybody's been out to the the landfill you know that last chance mercantile is one of the one of the better operations out there
and so we hope to reopen uh pretty soon so those are the two items that i have uh thanks and thanks for your service on their board too
council member alan council college i i have no comments at this time thank you okay council member ed yeah thank you claude uh the only i'll mention uh keep it brief is the
transportation authority of monterey county each year has what's called a legislative day last year we traveled to sacramento with the contingency from monterey county and we joined together with santa cruz
county transportation in san luis obispo as well to advocate for upcoming legislation and put in our pitch for things like highway 1 156
continuing to keep our roads maintained and asking for special legislation to be crafted uh for the upcoming years so because this year we're not quite out
of cove but we can't go back up to the capitol but we're going to replicate that with all the partners and our local representatives our new senator march 12th so looking
forward to that planning session this week and then next week we'll we'll launch with a very large uh group very similar to what we're doing tonight and conduct a business to advocate for our
region in central california the other thing i think we've all heard some of the news about caltrans on highway one so through tamsi we've heard from the
local district office of caltrans that exciting timeline for seeing highway one open so i think that's been in the herald in some fairly wide education so just wanted to thank
caltrans for being such a efficiently run outfits and they are aware of how high of a priority highway 1 is and so the timeline for that is actually much better than we thought so
we're hoping to see that completed by the beginning of the summer so on the front of transportation things are all good and that's about all i have right and thank you for serving on that
committee council member tyler and i'll pass forward today okay uh i would just want to update you on the monterey peninsula water management district meeting
that we had last thursday i am the mayor's representative it's again as my hope that we can rotate that seat every couple years all of the monterey peninsula mayors get an opportunity
to serve and represent everyone just quick highlights one of the water sources as we know is asr i'm going to try to
keep all of my acronyms straight aquifer storage recovery aquifer i think i got it anyway that's excess river water the the cal-am is allowed to take
running water out of the river but because of the lack of the rain the average is about a thousand acre feet a year so far 66 acre feet and unless we have some really serious
rains that's going to be a very limited part however the heavy rains that we did have did create about three years of reserve in the aquifer which is kind of interesting secondly i
don't know if you all knew it was in the paper but it was discussed at our meeting that the california state water resources control board has a cdo a cease and desist order and
in october of last year just three or four months ago they actually uh penalized cal-am a thousand acre feet for uh not making what they thought
sufficient progress on a new water source the watery water the management district did write a letter and said to the state board hey folks remember if
things were out of our control and cal-ams control we ask that you give us relief and you've got the desal plant which is currently held up at the coastal commission you have monterey one water
which is going to be looking again at the eir for possible expansion to pure water monterey and lawsuits with the city of marina so the pebble beach company
as well as the water management district did write a letter to the state board and said hey we want some relief we'd love to talk to you fortunately because of the conservation efforts of all of the water users in the district
that a thousand acre feet cut isn't really going to be felt however there's another one due this year at the end of the year so again these things that are out of our control so the chair of the
water board asked that the mayor's sign a letter and saying we would love to have a hearing and explain the situation to you and try to get some relief on the cdo
third ambeg came out with its regional growth forecast 2022 which in it did include rena housing numbers and the analysis by the general manager of the
water uh district said that either the d cell plant or the expansion to the wastewater recycling both would meet the needs up until the year
2045 for water on the peninsula and then lastly the water district has submitted an application to lafco and it's a very tough technical application
in that it's it has to do with measure j and public ownership of the water system so lafco has to approve the latent powers of the water district to be a water
distributor so it was just a real quick report but it's hundreds of pages long so that's where the whole public ownership is now it's going to go to la lafrico and lafco has to make a
governmental technical decision to allow the district to exercise its latent powers because right now obviously cal-am is delivering the water so and my other uh council comment has to
do with lauren lye who this is her last meeting with the city of monterey i wish i could say to lauren there she is it's not your last council meeting
lauren and so i said all right i i went and took a look at my adjective list and i had a whole bunch of c adjectives for you
and first of all is competent and so we're you're the best conscientious courteous congenial
concise now that might sound like what a finance director is concise well all of the work that she's done is very complex hey there's another c but that's a noun no complex
it can be either one but lauren has a really good way of explaining difficult esoteric finances and that everyone understands
including senior millennials and so i was at a kona meeting just but she you know what it's so odd because we've been sheltering in place so long i was thinking we were just at a at a kona casanova open
neighborhood meeting recently and it seems like it and lauren was there along with um hans our city manager explaining the budget and lauren creates a lot of uh
confidence in people when she explains things to them they say oh i get it and and so that's a really good uh attribute because i was talking to them about measure g and measure y and measure s and they're
peppering me with questions and then lauren says well this is the way it works they all said oh okay so next time she always goes first i know she's very collaborative and a really good part of our
city executive team very appreciated by all of the people she works with and i think about all of the challenges i'm sure when she came to the city of monterey she hadn't expected a pandemic closures
budget crisis then she helped us through measure g's and measure s and measure wise and i know like all of us she was heartbroken when we had to do layoffs because they're people that we all knew
and and so as she goes on to her new assignment you're much appreciated much valued and commendable so we're going to miss you but you always have a home here
so city manager thank you so much i really appreciate all those comments you're welcome lauren it's true
yeah thank you mr mayor um unfortunately lauren will uh leave us by the end of the week and we'll start a new career in a different larger city than the city of monterey
lauren was actually the first hire that that i was allowed by the city council to do i was still interim city manager but i told you in my one-on-ones there's an awesome
finance director that has applied um i'm sure whoever you pick a city manager will have a great asset a great trustful advisor
at his at his or her side and uh you all said well go go higher hire that person uh bring bring that person on staff and i uh i was very grateful that you allowed me to do that even though we we still
didn't know who would be the new city manager but i think in the end it turned out all right that lauren was coming to the city of monterey and of course we all uh are going to miss lauren and
uh i know wherever she goes uh she will be a huge success in that city as well so uh again uh officially also for me my my gratitude to lauren and
the excellent work she did for the city of monterey and as the mayor said as a finance director you need to be able to explain complex uh circumstances but you also need to
um have a credibility mr mayor so these were three c's in in in six words so that give me and they were all nouns so with that i i want to say thank you so much lauren and
and um of course uh don't be a stranger uh other council comments that i wanted to share with you um other city manager comments i'm sorry mr mayor
before you go to that hans i want to invite any sure other staff members or council members who want to share any thoughts with lauren if you care to tyler would you start us off please absolutely i don't want to take too much time but
um one of the things that that i did as a new council member is that i met with all the city executives and my one-on-one um with lauren was uh it just got me really excited even more excited
about um becoming part of the the city of monterey team and and i was um really happy with the the selection that that hans made i'm really glad that that recruitment happened and then when i found out that she was leaving it it broke my heart a little
bit so uh lauren you are a rock star and i hope we cross paths again i wish you the best of luck um as you move forward in your career councilmember allen yeah um i just want to
really wish lauren well i've had the chance in my eight years on council three years on school board and i don't know 25 years as a community college professor to work with
a lot of different public sector finance directors and you are clearly one of the top you are really outstanding you have integrity and you have
knowledge and you do just a really great job of explaining as others it's uh so wish you really well and thank you for your service here councilmember ed yeah thank you very
much lauren for the time that you've spent in monterey and um i i sort of felt like when you came to us we stole you away from another employer and absolutely had the catch
uh and i still feel that way today uh i'm sorry to see you go to another location um but i just want to say today is a day that we want to recognize you say
that you know we've we've traveled many roads these last couple years and boy what the experiences we've all had and i can say that you have made those experiences um especially the
the financial cuts the planning the you know we we approve of a budget and a couple months later we're we're undoing it but i've never seen you at all lose your composure
and so even through these crazy times you have been rock solid in in a very very stabilizing factor on this council so try to get as many seas in there as i could but
you have absolutely been our rock star and uh we really could not have done this as smooth without you and i've also worked for many cities and had lots of um
finance directors come and go and i've seen some in chaotic mode i've never seen you cross that line you've always been the epitome of a professional and a stabilizing factor and you communicate
so well so you make it very very easy for us to understand what the big plan is really really appreciate you and our door is always open for you to
come and visit us and uh don't be too far away from us okay that's good now i know council member dan who said extensive you were the financial officer for the city
excuse me for uh mpusd so probably if anyone knows the heartbreaking challenges it's you dan so please go ahead and one of the the toughest skills is one of your best skills and that's
explaining how a budget works i know that that's really difficult for people to understand and you do it very well that like i said that's a that's a tough skill to learn and sometimes people don't even
learn it they don't learn it but i i want to say that um integrity and hard work is always uh the best the best that the people can have and
and you have that learn so congratulations on where you're going to go i'm sure that budget's going to be just a little bit bigger than the one down here so you'll be counting a heck of a lot more beans than you were here
but i know that you'll do really well and if you can come back and see us we really appreciate all your hard work thank you and all the tough questions i gave you too you did a great job with those by the way
right there you go may i make just a few comments mayor i just want to say thank you so much for the honor and privilege of working here for the city working for you as a council and this
community and this organization i think in government which is something i'm so passionate about our democracy so much of it has is founded in leadership right leadership
in ourselves in our teams in our council and the people we serve which is our community one thing i've discovered here at the city of monterey is leadership oozes out everywhere amongst
all people not just the council which has been exemplary but the staff and the people we serve the people that we collaborate with and i will always take that with me
because it's what we bring to our next organization in our next community how we grow democracy in our country and i want to thank you for the opportunity to see that to experience that to elevate
that and know that i can share that as i move on my career so i want to show gratitude for what i've harvested here
in my time in working and it's profound to me and i think it'll be really valuable that i get to continue to echo that in other communities as i move on so thank you so much
truly all right well um we'll um word's just just uh just a small token of how we feel about your great work so thank you uh hans did you have more uh city manager reports
no mr mayor that that that concludes my my report that smart move uh not anybody on the public uh who wanted any indication to talk to us about
closed session let's see uh any opportunities for there's only uh two members of the public here uh or a couple uh who've uh who are with us and just raise your hand if you would like to speak on items for closed session
otherwise we'll go on to a closed session it doesn't look like we have any mr mayor all right well thank you council thank you staff thank you public for making this another great meeting and
we're adjourned to close session we'll see you shortly you
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