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this video shows the progress made with the mentors online browser extension transparent buttons a temporary design approach open interactive panels lesson content created using the web
site a bookmarking tool that teachers can use to add websites to the database and lesson content imported from another site in this case the canvas learning management system it might work with
others and messaging here demonstrated by a simple chat room have a question for your teacher eval your web assignment homework send her a message or add a note about a related site you found be
sure to include the URL the transparent button interface will probably be replaced depending on feedback those features are working in the current version simple in both
action and appearance they are meant only to demonstrate function other ideas include annotating text and vocabulary highlighting different approaches to interface design
are seen in two very useful extensions on my laptop Evernote Web Clipper becomes active when the toolbar icon is clicked and remember extensions can open
in any webpage this interface waits at windows edge hypothesis extension is an annotation tool slick design notice how
an extension is always present browser extensions are not currently supported on tablets for handheld devices and until the extension is refined and the tool and website are
familiar it requires time a resource in short supply for teachers the next steps and development might depend on you having seen some possibilities the
question now becomes what would you want to do if you could be with your students right there in the browser
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