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where's your little bad that's getting old I'm watching jeopardy would you give him back the TV oh by the way George's doesn't call for you mini-me but they're
probably doing somersaults about us over there you think they get popular stories like that every day it's Joseph Cotten it's me it's Georgie boy what's going on
[Applause] understand how can you have a cigar store without an Indian scene I'll give you a box of Coronas for what forget it
excuse me right are you selling this Indian oh yeah I'm just redecorating my office in the southwestern motif and this would be perfect to be $500 Park
giddyup could you help me bring it up to my office I'm right next door pendant publishing pendant publishing giddy up again maybe your yogurt isn't so non-fat Oh
guess again tubby Jerry there's got to be a way to can find that out there must be some kind of lab that would do that kind of thing administration I'll tell
you what chubs yogurt has fat in it I will put myself on an all yogurt diet for a week well let's start the insanity media isn't that cute a thank you card
from Christian let me see whose Kristen she works for PBS I met her when I agreed to do that pledge drive did you ask her about me yeah in fact she said you could be one of those people that sits in the back and answers to fault
yeah so now how does that work now what I get a percentage of every pledge I bring in right it's not aluminum siding it's volunteer work all the money goes to the station huh huh okay yeah all
right yeah that sounds good but I still get a tote bag Dover yeah one of those foam beer can holders hey could you do me a favor I'm taking the family to Disney World next week I
wonder can you pick up my mail yeah sure in fact you know what how'd you like to take my handsome cab for the week drive the horse it'll just be sitting there you can really clean up 500 bucks a day I'll
split it with you oh this is no good
hey that the time got a hunch fat man I can't miss giddyup [Music] [Music]
[Music] Kraemer guys uh cumin yes kitsmiller that's it you and Elena pretty close oh we go back
aways and you've um how do I put this you've been in her bed that's right but this isn't still going on no no she put
a stop to that that's all I needed to know so you actually swim in this thing oh yeah exercises every muscle in the body it's great for the back great for the
back right four hours in this job and I'm a full inch taller hundred dollars hey mister Oh how much with these Runyon Tokyo ah well 30,000
yen 30,000 these are practically free giddyup you're a cowboy so here's your dr. faker
saw he's good he's very good he worked on this kid from Guatemala with no nose turned him into Ricardo Montes Tuesday Tuesday
why doesn't he pick you up after the operation he's got the car with the bench seats that you like oh I don't care yeah I know but I can't drive anybody anywhere until I go down to that motor vehicle Bureau get my new blades oh yeah yeah
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