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Hey everybody who uses Hypothesis as an annotation tool, I just wanted to share with you a pretty exciting little update to their tool that you can start using right right away. So I'm looking at this site called doc drop, DocDrop.org. And it's maintained and run by the hypothesis crew. In fact, the founder of Hypothesis, this is sort of his
domain, he owns the site, and he recently updated it. So under normal circumstances, you can take a PDF from your desktop, and just drag it onto this page. And it will become a hypothesis link. And you can annotate the PDF that way. And that's just an easy way of getting a link to a PDF. But now, you can also paste a YouTube URL, and I wanted to
show you what that looks like. So this is a TED talk, that I really like. It's called the power of introverts by Susan Cain, and it's all about introverts and how cool they are. And I think it's a it's a great TED Talk, actually. So I'm just going to copy this and paste it in here. and press enter. And up pops this new interface, where there's a transcript of the YouTube
video here on the left, and it's clickable. So you can sort of click in between, and then we'll jump right to that spot in the video. So you can see now I'm at minute, four minute 6:59, and it changes. And if you if you press play in the video, this will automatically jump you around. So it bounces around in the video. I know you can't hear the
audio because I'm speaking through my headphones but but the other cool thing about this interface is that well, first of all, you can you can annotate it right, just in hypothesis. And just like in a normal text, you can annotate this and the annotations remain, which is pretty amazing. You can auto scroll or an auto scroll, you can search within the transcript. So I can search for the word Gandhi and there it is pops up
and I can go right to that part of the speech, which is pretty amazing. Top and bottom. This Sync button, I think brings you to the place in the transcript that you are in the video. So if you're ever like scrolling down through the transcript, go back to the place where you were in the video. Overall, this just seems like a really useful tool for for any class that has
I mean, like, for your own asynchronous videos. If you're presenting something, for anything like an explainer video that you might grab off of YouTube, you can pop it in here and students can respond to it and have asynchronous discussions around it. Let me know if you want to explore the possibilities of this further. But just as a reminder, go to doc drop org and paste in the
YouTube link and then go to it. Enjoy
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