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hi I'm goober tenke I'm from Berlin and I'm using Mac since 1992 or something like that and I make music under my own name and under the name mono leg and I'm
part of the development and specification team of able to life I'm not a musician so I'm I can't play any instrument and I really like the idea of a machine doing things I like step
sequence s I like statistical and stochastic functions for creating clouds of sounds and clouds of events and I see myself more as someone who is writing a structure and the structure then creates
the music and Max is pretty much the ideal tool for this kind of thinking max is a language and everyone is using the language in a different way and I'm always amazed to communicate with other
people who are using mix because we are all using the same tool and we achieve totally different results and that's very interesting and very inspiring what
I would I really like on Nexus that it has the potential to to change the way you think about music it did this for me it really freed me from this linear idea
of something as a start and an end and this was a total liberation like I I realized more than than before what I'm interested in music is some kind of
constantly changing thermal tative endless state and Max's the ideal tool for something like that so it's actually a tool for sculpturing music much more
than for recording my first patches were very small because I worked on a Macintosh plus and resources are extremely limited and then my patches became very big because I tried to solve
every possible problem with one single big patch and then my patches became very small again and what I do these days is really I tried to come up with a patch which cell
ninety percent of what I want to do and I try to do this within a very short time so that I spent more time actually making music than programming max
because it's it's a it's a tricky thing with Max you can spend weeks and refining a patch and afterwards you're the idea is so much gone for yourself that now you have the perfect tool but
you're not interested in using it anymore the biggest mistake one can make is trying to come up with the one single patch which does everything try us make a simple patch and try to work with the
single attached for a period of time because the making a tool is one thing but mastering a tool and working with the tools and other thing and if you're constantly creating a new tool you will
never mastered and that's a danger next that the edit button is so close cycling 74 should force people to use max runtime form for one month a year so
they can't make new patches they just have to use what they already did it's kind of a responsibility of cycling 74 towards the development of odd
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